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•   Germany says ready to send arms to Iraqi Kurdistan
•   Iraqi Kurdistan confirms receiving heavy weapons from US and France
•   Kurdish Yazidi leader's son: World must act to halt Iraq 'genocide'
•   Jihadi IS militants finance war in Iraq from oil sales
•   Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   19.August.2014
•   Iraqi Kurdish commander says Jihadists 'worse than Saddam,'
•   Duality of Arabs towards Kurdistan – Israel Oil Deal
  Turkey seeks direct talks with Kurdish PKK rebels: deputy PM
  Peshmerga troops, US air strikes hit jihadists positions, as Obama vows support
•   Capacity of Iraqi Kurdistan's independent oil pipeline to double
•   Kurdish protester and soldier killed in Turkey clashes over PKK statue
  U.N. sends aid to Kurdistan to half a million fleeing violence in Iraq
  Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   Syrian Kurdistan News in brief
•   Iraqi Kurds press anti-jihadist drive as US, UK widen role
•   Facts about Kurdish Peshmerga withdrawal from Iraqi Sinjar: Report
  Kurdish Yazidi girl held by IS jihadists tells of abuse and suicides in secret call
  Iraqi Kurds say they recapture strategic dam from jihadists
•   British PM David Cameron says 'We are not going to war in Iraq'
•   NGOs call on the international community to help displaced Yazidis
  British jets deployed in Kurdistan to stop advance of Islamic State in Iraq
  Kurdish Yezidi MP Vian Dakhil: Sinjar should have special status
  Iraqi Kurdistan crude exports going ahead as seventh tanker loaded in Turkey
  Support The Kurdish Independence: Letter to President Obama
•   Baghdad warns against unauthorized military aircraft penetrate Iraqi airspace...
•   Germany should apologize for insulting a century long Kurdish Struggle for...
  Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   17.August.2014
•   Germany against forming independent Kurdish state in Iraq's north
•   Kurdish troops advance on Iraq's Mosul dam, Sunnis hit jihadists
•   ISIS is a Threat to Humanity
•   Crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan arrives in Croatia
•   Syrian Kurdistan's fighters train hundreds of Iraqi Yazidi Kurds to fight ISIS
•   Life in prison for Kurdish presidential guard for killing Iraqi journalist in Baghdad
•   Kurdish Peshmergas fight to retake Iraq's largest dam after Yazidi 'massacre'
•   Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   16.August.2014
•   Islamic jihadists kill dozens of Yazidi Kurds in north Iraq 'massacre': officials
•   Barzani slams Peshmerga leaders in Sinjar and subject them to investigation
•   PKK's 30-year conflict with Turkey 'coming to an end': Kurdish leader
•   Russian Kurdish political analyst: 'Speaking about Iraq as a country is impossible'
•   UN, EU move against IS, relief as Iraq's Maliki bows out
•   Iraqi Kurdistan sells third major oil cargo, fourth heads to Croatia
  Massoud Barzani appeals to Germany for weapons
  Islamic State IS leader flees to Syria fearing US airstrikes: Kurdish official
•   Mosul, Tal Afar, Raqqa, Allepo, and then others must be Liberated from...Part II
•   Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   15.August.2014
•   EU ministers back arming Iraqi Kurdistan troops: Germany
•   Pentagon: Still 4,000-5,000 Yazidi Kurds on Iraq's Mount Sinjar
•   Iraqi Sunnis lay out conditional offer to join unity government
•   Iraq's Maliki concedes defeat, backs PM designate
•   EU ministers seek unity on arming Iraqi Kurdistan
•   Why U.S. should support independence for Kurds
  Britain would 'favourably consider' arming Iraqi Kurdistan
  Israelis campaign for Kurdish independence and against Yazidi massacre...
  Germany. France to send aid to Iraqi Kurdistan
•   French oil giant Total says cut staff in Iraqi Kurdistan
•   Create a New Kurdistan and Destabilize Iran - Part I
  Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   14.August.2014
•   United States seeking European arms, ammunition for Iraqi Kurdistan: officials
•   U.S. says rescue mission for Iraqi Kurdish Yazidis less likely after visit
•   Plan 'under way' to rescue Kurdish Yazidi refugees on Iraq Sinjar mountain
•   US forces headed for Iraqi Kurdistan's Sinjar mountain: Kurdish spokesman
•   Kurdish Yazidi children drink parents blood to stay alive: Iraqi Kurdistan crisis
•   Iraqi Kurdish Yazidi girls raped by ISIS jump to their death on Mount Shingal
•   Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief
•   Syrian Kurdistan News in brief
•   France to arm Iraqi Kurdistan in battle against Islamic State group
•   Kurds join pro-Israel, anti-Hamas protest outside the White House
•   Time running out for Iraqi Yazidi Kurds besieged by Islamic jihadists
  Britain to transport arms to Kurdistan as it bolsters Iraq aid
•   Massive helicopter rescue mission sorties of Yezidi Kurdish civilians stranded...

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Thought for Today, : "One of the paradoxes of war is that those in the rear want to get up into the fight, while those in the lines want to get out." Ernie Pyle, American war correspondent (1900-1945).

On This Day in History 2009: Massoud Barzani has been sworn in as president of Iraqi Kurdistan region for a second term in office.





 Top Articles and Reports

Open letter to all the World Leaders: Kurdistan National Congress
We beg and plead that the World's leaders, the media and the entire population of this planet, take note of the plight of the Yezidis in the Southern Kurdistan and help to save them from the genocide they now face. The lives of thousands of Yezidi Kurds hang in the balance. They were driven from their homes in the Shingal area of Kurdistan by the approaching onslaught of the murderous and...
Open Letter to US President, UN General Secretary, Emergency Relief Coordinator, the Directors of UNICFF and UNHCR, WFP, WHO Dr Amir Sharifi. The Kurdish American Education Society and Human Rights Advocacy Group join the International Rescue Committee, Save the Children, and the National Council of Churches to appeal to the US government and the UN agencies to promptly respond to the urgent humanitarian needs of the Kurdish Yazidi refugees.  Over 30000 Kurds...
Rodzhab Safarov‘s of Realpolitik in Reinforce of Old Colonial System in the Middle East Omar Sindi, Washington. Fraudulent justice will be contested; in defense of a century old and entrenched, unworkable colonial System, of adopted policies in the Middle East, particularly (Mullah‘s regime in Iran) unrewarding in past and rules and delve to address the long- term Kurdish question in South Kurdistan-Iraq, alleviated Rodzhab Safarov self-prove expression in counter...
Had it better under Gaddafi
Kaiwan Bahroz. Libya is experiencing in these days the bloody important turmoil in the country since the uprising that overthrew the dictatorship in 2011. - Most people had it better under Muammar Gaddafi. Optimism was great. Resource-rich Libya would go a bright, peaceful and democratic future in the face after the uprising in 2011 killed Muammar Gaddafi and 42 years old his dictatorship. The last two...
Amidst sectarian flames, Iraqi security and marginalisation policies should be in the limelight, not Kurdish oil exports Bashdar Ismaeel. As the Islamic State (IS) with the help of several Iraqi Sunni groups waltzed into Iraq seizing large swathes of territory, the goalposts in Iraq completely changed. Iraq as we know it ceased to exist. Yet amidst the grave crisis in Iraq that Iraqi forces have failed to extinguish, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki seemed more intent to turn focus away...
A night vigil with Shaymaa: Poem for Gaza
Dr Kamal Mirawdeli. Shaymaa is that innocent piece of beating human flesh rescued from her mother’s womb 10 minutes after her murder, through a posthumous Caesarean section. This is her story as reported on sknews website. Watching the tragic public genocide of Gaza and the West’s reaction to it, I could not sleep for several nights. I wrote parts of this poem in my dream. The original is in my
An Independent Kurdistan – a Buffer Zone for Iran!
Hiwa Zandi. With the ISIS onslaught on Iraq and Kurdish takeover of Kirkuk and other claimed disputed areas, the case for Kurdistan’s separation from Iraq and forming an independent State has grown exponentially to the displeasure of Iran. While Kurds have repeatedly reiterated their right to self-determination before, without attracting any major reaction from the neighbouring countries, this time...
Independent media fades in Iraqi Kurdistan
Kamal Chomani.  The independent media, one of the essential elements of Iraqi Kurdish democracy, is experiencing its worst days since its emergence in 2000. As private media outlets — especially satellite TV stations — proliferate, independent sources are being squeezed out of the picture. The changing political and socioeconomic dynamics in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have added tension...
Iran Embolden PM Maliki‘s Chaos in Iraq
Omar Sindi, Washington. Anecdotally, Shia’s political parties are prone more to their faith then their nationalities. It was widely reported in local elections and national elections that “Feyli Kurds” in Iraq voted their religious candidates then their nationalities candidates; despite many “Feyli Kurds” have had prominent roles in the Kurdish liberation movements. Therefore, Nuri al-Maliki vision towards Shiastan. 
The Kurdish leadership must force Al-Maliki to pay for displaced Iraqis now living in Kurdistan Rizgar Khoshnaw. With all that is going on in Iraq nowadays, it seems that the Iraqi Prime Minister, Al-Maliki, is determined to make the lives of all Iraqis, including the Kurds, even more miserable. Not only he is unable to handle the current crises, such as the fight with ISIS, but it would appear that he is opening another front by fighting the Kurds verbally as well as militarily that he will...
Why we can't compare Kurdistan to Israel!
Dr. Dlear Zindrou. From being a long sought dream of all Kurds, independence seems to be closer than ever, but yet far and very difficult achievable task. Surprisingly, the bitter past history of our nation and the recent course of events in the Middle East and the situation on the ground, makes one wonder what outcome are we expecting! Independence after almost a century of hardship endurance...
Gerald Honigman has just published a major book, "The Quest For Justice In The Middle East--The Arab-Israeli Conflict In Greater Perspective." It is the result of decades of professional work and academic study of the region. Jerry was denied a Ph.D. dissertation advisor because he demanded the same scrutiny of the so-called "Arab" world as Israel routinely receives in the classroom. He has never expected "pro-Israel" treatment--just fairness. While professors routinely call for the creation of a 22nd state for... To read more about the book & to purchase Click Here



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ISIS is a Threat to Humanity Omar Sindi, Washington.

Support The Kurdish Independence: Letter to President Obama Dana Berzinjy.

Duality of Arabs towards Kurdistan–Israel Oil Deal Kaziwa Salih.

The KRG should accept responsibility for the current calamity in Kurdistan Dr. Hussein Tahiri.

Why U.S. should support independence for Kurds Sen. Conrad Burns (Ret.)

Mosul, Tal Afar, Raqqa, Allepo, and then others must be Liberated from the fake foreign recruits - Part II Steve Tataii.

What is the connection between Al-Maliki and ISIS? Rizgar Khoshnaw.

Kurds are fighting instead of International Community Aram Duhoki.

Divide and conquer Kaiwan Bahroz.

Massive helicopter rescue mission sorties of Yezidi Kurdish civilians stranded on Mount Sinjar...Part I Steve Tataii.

The Obama Administration Is No Friend of Kurdistan Dr. Sabah Salih. Pennsylvania.

A letter to President Obama about his failed Middle East policy and Kurdistan Dr. Kirmanj Gundi.

Explain Failures or Abandon Training Missions Michael Rubin.

Who to blames for the mess in Iraq and Kurdistan? Rizgar Khoshnaw.

The Shingal Tragedy and the Threat of Genocide Shakhawan Shorsh.

Hamas is the problem - demilitarization is the solution Kaiwan Bahroz.

Discrimination of British BBC News 24 Broadcast in Middle East Hiwa Ali.

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