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 Download Kurdish-Arabic software - Only Freeware software - Old Kurdish programs

 Word Processors & Fonts  

 Screen Savers  
  • Quest for Saddam In this game, which is based off of the Duke Nukem 3D game engine, you are after Suddam Hussein. Before you can reach him you will have to fight many other terrorists.
  • Backgammon game ( Tawla ) For windows 95-98, ( 550 kb ) Freeware
    Jellyfish Backgammon is a program that plays at a very high level. For example, at level 5 a top player will hardly win more than 55% of the time. You can play a single game, or a match of any length. Tested by Kurd Net, no installation.
    The zip file include the registration code in serial.txt file. it is free by the author
  • Noriskên a Kurdish Game for 2 Players   
    By Ari Talat, Playable only by 2 players, Playing with computer is not included. in zip file 30 kb
  • Tiny Calculator program with Kurdistan Map   
    Come to you by Ari Talat Nadir from Hewler- Kurdistan. 20 Kb
  • Kurdish Timezone for Windows 95/98/ME/ 
    It is a registry file, double click on it and choose yes to add it to the registry, then click on your clock and choose timezone then Kurdistan,Sulaimani,Hewler,Duhok Freeware, ( 1 kb )
  • IP dozinewe-find Find your IP when you are connected to the Internet. Small program Freeware ( 141 kb ) Kurdish Version
  • SalatTimes voice calling on your PC Freeware ( 356 kb ) Islam Salat Times is a PC Windows (95, 98 and NT) program for calculating Islamic Prayer Times for any location on the globe.


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