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Internet free tools

Only services that normally cost money. It's free.


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Web sites with free counters and web statistics

  • Free Hit Counters - track how many visitors come to your site with our free counter
  • Get a free hit counter for your web site. Many people use them to get great Web Site Stats for their Web Page. Counters can help you get a beat on what your users are doing. Our Free Web Counter is truly the best Free Hit Counter that you can find.
  • Analyze and interpret your website's traffic with Free Counter Plus - The web's only totally free hit counter, including full site stats. In only minutes, you can download and install your own free counter and track your websites traffic and visitors.
  • Free Web stats for your website. Real-time web page counter with extensive web logging statistics. Advanced log query will allow you to tweak your site to match your visitor's environment and behavior.
    Track visitors from most popular Search Engines and find out what keyword they are using to get to your site. Easy Referral linking so you can find the exact page your customer is clicking to get to your site.
  • Tired of hit counters that slow down your page? SuperCounters is for you!
  • Webstat Free counters with built in free web statistics, WEBSTAT.NET is a free service which provides a detailed analysis including traffic reports, marketing reports, and visitor profile reports. This will enable you to maximize your site design and marketing efforts to increase sales from your site. Learn about who is visiting your web site, including the browsers they use, which operating systems they run, what countries they are in and what languages they speak
  • Get an Xcounters! This is the fastest and most reliable counter you can get on the web for FREE!, Find Out How Much Traffic You Get By installing a counter on your web page, you can learn how popular your Web site is!
  • We offer the best free hit counter service. Choose us for your free web counter because we offer: 450+ different styles (see sample counters) Quality, speed and reliability, Free web site statistics incl. daily and weekly history Fast & easy sign up and installation (copy & paste), It's FREE! 
  • Real time web analytics and web counter By a continuous enhancement of its web stats and free hit counter platform, ShinyStat has consolidated its worldwide success in Web Statistics and Web Analytics tools.
  • Mega Stats is the web's leading free hit counter with stats! In only minutes, you can download and install your own free hit counter and track your website's traffic and visitors.



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