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 Free Web File Share Service - Free upload
 Internet free services

Only services that normally cost money. It's free.


Free upload and web files sharing. upload and share it.

Web sites with upload service for web file sharing

  • A big online storage where Internet users store their text, audio, video, photo, and other files and share them, if they wish, with other people. Offers 5GB of free storage for document files (doc, txt, pdf, rtf, xls), music file (mp3, ogg, wav, mid), video file (avi, mpg, mpeg), image file (jpg, gif, bmp, png).
  • Secure file sharing. The simple way to send large files to anyone. Free Get 2GB of free storage and save your files online.
  • Single file size up to 300MB. Basic Download Speed. Limited - download within 30 days With Ads.
  • Offers simple drag and drop file management system; lets you synchronize your Humyo folder to your PC; secured file management vault. It’s a file management in the cloud as you can access your file anywhere, using any PC or even your mobile phone. It also allows you to share files with your friends and family.
  • - Send files up to 1GB for free Verzend is a free filehost, a place for you to upload your files (big or small) and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. Recipients you specify are sent an email with instructions on how to download the file. Files are removed from the system after 7 days non activity, regardless if they have been picked up or not. You can upload any type of file, mp3, movies, docs, pdfs, up to 1000MB each 
  • MegaShares - (1.5 GB)
    This is your share site. You may upload whatever you like without a required registration Our single session upload limit is 1.5GB (1,500 Megabytes!) 
  • SendThisFile - (2 GB) Registration SendThisFile® allows you to easily transfer large files to anyone, anywhere. Use our standard service to transfer large files by logging in to the "sendthisfile" page in your account on the SendThisFile website. Add a FileBox to receive large files from anyone through your SendThisFile account. It's like giving your customers, clients, friends and family a mini SendThisFile® account -- only you remain in control! You can integrate a SendThisFile FileBox into your website -- or, if you don't have a website -- we can host your FileBox for you 
  • YouSendIt -
  • Uploading - leading provider of services that allow secure uploading, transferring and file sharing. Maximum size of the uploading file mustn't exceed 150 Mb. It's due to the fact that the downloading of bigger files often gets interrupted because of reasons that don't depend on us. Considering this limitation split archives and separate downloading of every fragment is allowed. Thus, if you need to upload a file bigger than 150 Mb, you should just split it and upload all its fragments separately.
  • RapidShare Host your files with RapidShare FOR FREE!, 1. Select your file and press upload, 2. Receive download-link and share it
  • Turbo Upload - (70 MB) 
  • SwiftDesk - (30 MB) Registration 
  • UltraShare - (250 MB) Storage solution. It can be used to share your files across the internet. You can now upload up to 250MB



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