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 Bahman Ghobadi: I am a Kurdish director, and no political party owns my film

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Bahman Ghobadi: I am a Kurdish director, and no political party owns my film 30.10.2004

 The celebrated Iranian Kurdish filmmaker, Bahman Ghobadi, refutes claims that his latest motion picture, Turtles Can Fly, has been funded by specific political parties or individuals.

 “The budget for making the film was estimated at over 700 million Iranian tumans which was funded by MIJ Film Company and the French movie producing company of BACK Film.

These two companies have copyright over the movie. I declare it here that no one nor any party or group owns the movie and only the director and the companies mentioned above have a right concerning the film,” Mr Ghobadi said in a statement, which was sent to on Saturday. “Turtles Can Fly” which already has won a Spanish award, is the Kurdish contribution to the Academy Award competition next year and could be one of the five final foreign movies to be presented at the gala in February.

Various news agencies, including, had previously reported that the movie which is about Iraqi Kurd children in a refuge camp prior to toppling Saddam Hussein in 2003, was funded by Iraqi Kurdistan.

This is now being rejected by Mr Ghobadi who also thanks the Kurdish authorities for their support. “I am a Kurdish director who wishes to serve his nation and his country through works within cinema.

I try to lift the voice of the Kurds in the world,” Mr Ghobadi writes further in his statement.




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