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 KNC President Visits Political and Businesses Leaders in South Korea

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KNC President Visits Political and Businesses Leaders in South Korea  26.10.2004


KNC President Dr. Saman Shali was formally invited to visit South Korea from October 17 – 22, 2004, by, OHM Electric Co., Ltd, Pyeng Hwa Construction Group and Modern International Inc. The purpose of his visit was to inform the Korean people about the suffering of the Kurds, to improve the relationship between the Korean and Kurdish peoples, and to build economic ties between Korea and Southern Kurdistan.

Dr. Shali thanked the Korean Government and the Korean people for sending Korean troops to be stationed in Kurdistan of Iraq and hoped that they would help the Kurdish people sustain peace in the region. Also, he conveyed the condolences of the Kurdish nation to the family of beheaded hostage Mr. Kim Son IL and the Korean people. Dr. Shali stressed that the Kurdish nation condemns all acts of terrorism in any shape or form, and that the Kurdish people are proud to have never used terrorism to advance their plight, even when the crime of genocide was committed against the Kurds.

During his visit, Dr. Shali met with various high-level political officials, members of the Korean National Assembly, and leaders in the business community. He also was interviewed by several newspapers and magazines, and addressed two distinguished groups (Dong Back Academy and People to People International) in the city of Pusan. In these meetings and interviews Dr. Shali explained the goals of KNC and the history of the Kurds in Kurdistan. He drew on the similarities between the suffering of Korean people and the Kurdish people during the history and outlined the genocide committed against the Kurds by Saddam Hussein.

Dr. Shali explained the political situation in Iraq and the role of the Kurds as a part of the coalition during the liberation of Iraq and in the future of Iraq. The importance of the upcoming election in Iraq on the future of the Kurds was stressed as was the disappointment of the Kurds after the liberation to reverse the process of the Arabization of the Kurdish cites and to secure compensation for the families of the Anfal operations and the victims of chemical weapons attacks. Also, Dr. Shali described the Kurds’ disappointment in learning that the census in Iraq would be postponed until after the election, effectively excluding all of the Iraqis living abroad from voting, which could disproportionately affect Kurds, because the voting will now depend on previous enrollment in the food rationing system in Iraq.

Dr. Shali asked the Korean people and government to support of the Kurdish people by supporting the call of the Kurdish people on the United Nation to conduct a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan.

At the meeting with leaders in the business community, Dr. Shali urged them to come to Iraqi Kurdistan and help to rebuild the infrastructure and industry, and to establish join venture businesses in Kurdistan. Dr. Shali addressed the security concerns of Korean businessmen for their employees if they conducted business in Kurdistan by reassuring them of the security in Kurdistan. He also outlined the incentives of the Kurdish Regional Government for companies doing join venture businesses in Kurdistan.

In the end of the trip, Dr, Shali signed memoranda of understanding with different companies to establish businesses in Kurdistan, which would help in the rebuilding of Southern Kurdistan and strengthen the economic ties between the Korean and Kurdish people.




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