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 Letter to UN, We demand that the UN takes a stand on the Iraqi Interim President’s threats

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Letter to UN We demand that the UN takes a stand on the Iraqi Interim President’s threats


21 October 2004
Referendum Campaign for Independent Kurdistan
To Kofi Annan
General Secretary
United Nations

Dear Mr. Annan,

As you might be aware, in response to a demand raised during demonstrations held recently in Iraqi Kurdistan asking for people’s right to determine their own destiny in a free referendum, Khazi Ajil Yawar, the installed Iraqi president was reported on October5 , 2004 as saying, “What we will not tolerate is the issue of secession, as secession mounts to an act of treason and therefore will fight against it” he was also reported to stress “we will kill those who wants to separate”

These remarks are an outright threat against millions of citizens in Iraqi Kurdistan by someone who is appointed to the position of the president of the Iraqi state. It is a clear violation of the UN’s charter on human rights and of international laws. In compliance with international conventions and laws we bring this violation by Mr. Yawar to your attention and we send this letter as a civil law suit against Mr. Yawar before United Nations to be reviewed and decided upon.

1. The right of oppressed nations to decide their own destiny is one of the articles of the United Nation’s convention. Clearly this article should be applied to the people of Kurdistan who have been long subjected to national oppression. Mr. Yawar denies this right for the people in Kurdistan and refers to it as treason. He publicly announces that he will kill the people in Kurdistan who their masses give a big weight to this demand.

2. The United Nations’ resolution 688 passed in 1991 is to protect Kurds against a possible attack by the central government. Today Mr. Yawar who has issued the above mention threat against the people of Kurdistan replaces Saddam Hussein. Therefore, in principle, the same resolution and stand by the United Nations is relevant today and accordingly the people of Kurdistan should be protected against any attack by the current central government.

3. The United Nations was a party in the process of installing Yawar as the president of Iraq and therefore it is responsible for his deeds before the Iraqi people and people of Kurdistan in particular. Yawar’s threat against the people of Kurdistan has been made by a president installed by the UN and therefore the United Nations’ general Secretary should take a stand on his behavior.

We, send you the list of names of thousands of people who so far have had the chance to sign this letter to express their outrage at the chauvinist remarks made by Mr. Yawar and to demand that the Iraqi Interim Government withdraws these remarks. We demand that the United Nations and its General Secretary take stand in accordance with the UN’s charters and condemn these remarks.

The United Nations’ silence toward Mr. Yawar’s threat increases the possibility of a nationalist and chauvinist war against the Iraqi people and seriously damages the credibility of the UN’s claims in regard to protecting human and democracy in Iraq. We, the outraged people of Kurdistan and supporters of people in Kurdistan take the right to struggle and demonstrate to achieve the above demands against such silence toward these threats made against us for granted.

At the same time we demand that the United Nations, which adopts the right of people of different nations to self determination to formally recognize this right for people in Kurdistan. We also demand that the United Nations show willingness to supervise a referendum for people of Iraqi Kurdistan to decide to stay with Iraq or separate and establish their own independent state.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Aso Kamal,

In charge of the Referendum campaign for Independent Iraqi Kurdistan

October18 , 2004

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