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 Yawar, Referendum and Arab racism

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Yawar, Referendum and Arab racism 15.10.2004
By: Dr. Kamal Mirawdeli,


Ghazi al-Yawar's attack against Kurdistan Referendum Movement and Kurdistan's right to self-determination is not of course slightly surprising. But it has certain meanings and implications which are important to analyse and understand. First let us read what Al-Yawar said. This is how KDP's website ( reported his statement on 6 October 2004:

Iraqi President, Ghazi al Yawar, denounced on Tuesday [5 October 2004] the pro-referendum voices in Kurdish administrated Iraq calling it "national betrayal' from the Kurds. " Iraq is a free country where the freedom of expression is estimated, but this does not mean that some people would try to speak about disintegrating Iraq. This is not something we could accept and we will counter this with all our power," Mr Yawar said in a televised interview with the Al-Arabiya TV.

The Iraqi President, who recently married a Kurdish politician and a senior member of KDP, has been notably careful regarding the Kurdish quest often praising the Kurds as one of the strongest opposition groups fighting former regime. The Kurdish group within the abrogated Iraqi National Council, favored Mr Yawar to Addnan Bachachi another candidate for the post of the President and KDP especially made it almost a condition that Mr Yawar become the interim President.

The Iraqi President dismissed the speculations regarding Iraq breaking up into three countries as nonsense saying that Iraq has been a unified country for centuries and it will remain unified for ever. End.

This report gives us a bit of important background as to how Al-Yawar became president. The support of the Kurdish members especially KDP was crucial in making him win the position. The apparent reason of the Kurds support for him was that he was not as Arab nationalist as Adnan Bachachi. But putting it in the context, this was a ridiculous argument on two grounds: First: Kurdish parties have never judged people and made decisions to support or oppose them on the grounds whether they anti or pro-Kurdish. As a general rule, they have always worked as an appendix if not outright agent of anti-Kurd persons and powers. Their story with Saddam, Hafiz and Bashar al-Asad, Khomaini and Khamaini, Turkish generals and fascists and Arab Iraqi opposition groups is too notorious to need reminding. On the other hand, no one knew enough about al-Yawar to judge his ideas and intentions. KDP report says once he praised the Kurds for fighting against the former regime. But this can mean fighting for replacing Saddam with Al-Yawar. Full stop. Anyway that is what so-called Kurdish leaders have told the world. They want not a free Kurdistan but a new Iraq in which they beg not to be second class citizens. And that is what al-Yawar exactly means when he threatens the Kurdistan Referendum Movement. Ideologically, there are not much dividing line between what al-Yawar plainly says and what so-called leaders daily do. Thus they went to Baghdad willfully as obedient salves to resurrect the demolished colonialist Iraq and they happily chose al-Yawar as their new master. To crown this achievement KDP even offered its high-flier female technocrat Nasrin Barwari as to Yawar to be used as a third-hand gift.

So what does Yawar's threat against Referendum and through it all freedom-loving Kurds mean?

Yawar is now a feeble negligible lame-duck President. In spite of that he does not think of any political, diplomatic, moral and even tribal considerations, as a new husband of a political Kurdish woman, to restraint his essentially racist views, He frankly expresses his racist hatred of Kurds, his true Arab fascist a nature which does not recognize any form of democracy or freedom of expression, nor the rights of people to self determination and democratic determination of their future.

Yawar's statements to al-Arabiyya satellite TV, are true racist Saddamite Arabist discourse. However, we must be grateful to Yawar for being so foolhardily frank in expressing his racism. This along with daily beheadings and killings of Kurds by fascist Arabs and the discovery of yet a new chain of mass graves containing born and unborn babies, women and their hoops, children and their toys, must be a further and final warning to all the Kurdish people including their treacherous leaders, that only independence can guarantee future safety and security of our children.




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