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 In response to al-Yawar’s threatful statement against the people of Kurdistan

 Source : Sent by email Kurdistan Referendum Movement
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In response to al-Yawar’s threatful statement against the people of Kurdistan  20.10.2004
Kurdistan Referendum Movement, A statement from Kurdistan Referendum Movement / International Committee


In a televised interview with the Al-Arabiya TV, on Tuesday October 5,2004 , the Iraqi President, Ghazi al Yawar, denounced the pro-referendum movement in Kurdistan by describing it as “a national betrayal’. He also added “Iraq is a free country where the freedom of expression is estimated, but this does not mean that some people would try to speak about disintegrating Iraq. This is not something we could accept and we will counter this with all our power."

We would like Kurdish patriots everywhere to learn that Kurdistan Referendum Movement strongly denounces al Yawar’s statement. We also conclude that the thinking behind his words is so clear as to spare our effort to read in between the lines. While al Yawar claims that he estimates freedom of expression, he does not see that the Kurdish people are entitled to this freedom.

While al-Yawar in many of his statements talks about democracy, he is adamant that this democracy does not include any democratic choice by the Kurdish people to determine their future in their own
homeland “Kurdistan”. Furthermore, al Yawar has no hesitation in threatening the Kurds with crushing force. At the capacity of a lame-duck president, al Yawar does not seem to think of any prompting political, diplomatic and moral considerations to restrain his inherent racist views. He openly expresses his racist hatred of the Kurds, as imbedded in his true Arab fascist nature (unwillingness to recognize any meaningful form of democracy, in which the right of people to self determination is respected and exercised.)

Yawar’s statements to al-Arabiyya satellite TV, is evident to his willingness to adopt a true racist Saddamist Arabist discourse. By virtue of facts and reality, the Kurds are very familiar with such a discourse and need no guessing to what they could expect. Only in the last several days, 12 more mass graves of Anfaled Kurds were discovered in the west of Mosul. Most of which contain only women and children, including babies and the unborn fetuses. The remains of the young children showed they were holding their toys and clasping to their mothers’ arms. At the same time the murder and beheading of innocent civilian Kurds by Arab fascists is continuing in all the Arab areas of Iraq, all the way from Baquba to Mosul.

While the Kurdistan Referendum Movement strongly condemns al Yawar, along with the racist Arab discourse and mentality, we at the same time strongly deplore the passivity and the failure of the leaderships of both Kurdistan Democratic Party and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan for not promptly responding to al Yawar’s outrageous, threatening and insulting remarks against the Kurdish nation. We tend to believe that al Yawar’s views are enhanced by the Kurdish leadership’s treacherous policies of sell out, brainwashing our people and setting themselves as the saviors of Iraq for the sole interests of Arab fascism.

Hence, the Kurdistan Referendum Movement calls upon the Kurdish masses to be vigilant, united and determined to exercise their civil democratic rights in a peaceful way first and foremost the right to have a UN-sponsored referendum about the independence of South Kurdistan.





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