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 Launching a new Business Directory for Kurdistan-BDK

 Source : Received from Bluebridge Consulting
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Launching a new Business Directory for Kurdistan-BDK 31.10.2005
Press release


Bluebridge Consulting and Business Development with head office in Erbil/ Iraqi Kurdistan and Liaison in Dohuk, Suleymanieh as well as in Austria/European Union, announces the early launch of the first and only online company directory for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The Business Directory Kurdistan is a professionally structured database of all registered companies in the main cities of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, with a detailed listing of all major company information.

It is the first and only commercial business directory to be published and the first and only directory of Iraqi Kurdistan, which will be available on the Internet. It will establish itself as a main communication channel for foreign companies that want to set up business with their counterparts in Kurdistan.

The published database of Kurdish companies is designed and programmed very user-friendly and functional. You may easily find your way through the search function and will discover all relevant Information and contact data of companies you are willing to do business with.

This Kurdistan Business Directory has been established with the cooperation of all relevant governmental institutions and is supported by the Council of Ministries of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

It is the aim of this website to stimulate more business to business activities with Iraqi Kurdish companies. It shall increase the economic turnover of this region and create the path for foreign companies to draw benefit of the economic and political security in the Kurdistan Region.

With the beginning of the new year BDK will also be available on CD and in printing but the focus will lie on the online database, which will be updated periodically.

To protect the interests of the registered Kurdistani companies and to prevent blackmailing from divers sources, the database will only be available for companies. Companies will have to register themselves and pay a minimal registration fee. This is mainly to assure that solely serious approaches will reach Kurdistani companies.

Bluebridge Consulting and Business Development invites you to visit  and have a look for yourself. Operational start will be in one month and companies may already register themselves.

Kurdistan Region of Iraq:
Nuhadra Street, Dohuk
Mobile: 449 5038 or 459 1383
E-Mail: [email protected]

Khanzad, Erbil
Mobile: 449 5038 or 0662525061
E-Mail: [email protected]   

Bluebridge Consulting and Business Development


  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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