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 Dr Kamal Qadir is not free until he comes back to Austria!

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Dr Kamal Qadir is not free until he comes back to Austria! 15.2.2006
Translated by Dr Kamal Mirawdeli

Statement No 17 by Free DR Kamal Qadir Campaign

In spite of tens of thousands of diverse voices from all parts of Kurdistan and from the Diaspora calling for the release of Dr Kamal Sayid Qadir, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) is still maintaining an official silence. This sort of action by KDP reminds us of the classical method of the previous Soviet system and similar totalitarian regimes in the world who think that with the passing of time, this sort of protests will die down and eventually the people in power will taste their revenge from their opponents.

We as Campaign for Freedom of Dr Kamal Sayid Qadir, repeat our appeal to all freedom-loving writers, intellectuals, and students of Kurdistan universities and ask them not to allow these trivial games by authorities mislead us and slow down our will. The case of Dr Kamal Sayid Qadir is the case of violation of human rights and suppression of difference of opinion and freedom of expression and the imposition of the absolute authority of tribal codes of behaviour. The case of Dr Kamal Sayid Qadir is the case of struggle between victim and slaughterer, between the power of pen and the despotism of militia which aims to revive, impose and enact classical tribal relationships of centuries ago in Arbil.

Dr Kamal Said Qadir, Austrian citizen, an international legal expert, writer and human rights activist

In addition to our thanks and appreciation for the biggest waves of protest and support by the most distinguished and active writers and intellectuals in Kurdistan and abroad, we find it appropriate to extend special thanks to a number of them who have been actively promoting the case of Dr Kamal Qadir for four months without interruption. The Internet chatroom of Kurdistanunited and its administrators and in particular Mr Botin have made a tireless campaign and they have been continuously harassed and threatened to give up their campaign but this has only increased their passion and determination; the independent Kurdish website has published the majority of the articles supporting Dr Qadir and thus have greatly contributed to this campaign and we greatly appreciate their efforts. Also the independent website which is visited by greatest number of people from both supporters and opponents of Dr Qadir, have given a great impetus to the campaign and we thank them for this. The [new] Kurdish independent weekly Awene [in Sulaymaniya, Kurdistan] has in its five issues published more news about this case than all other Kurdish newspapers together.

At the same time we extend our thanks and appreciation to all other websites which have become a refuge for free ideas and protests by Kurdistan intellectuals, academics and writers such as the websites of Kurdistanian, Helwest, Rojhalat, Bo Peshewe, the organisation of CHAK and all others. Also and in English have paid a great attention to Dr Kamal’s case and we thank them too. Among other media, the radio Hawpishti in Sweden and Roj TV are prominent in their role.

We express our love, respect and appreciation to all those academics, writers, lawyers, poets and freedom-loving intellectuals inside and outside Kurdistan who have challenged power and authority in their writings and condemned this brutal power which sentenced Dr Qadir to prison. They have proved that Dr Qadir is not alone and KDP cannot get away with its unjust sentence. We also thank all those cultural organisations and institutions which have formally joined the campaign and all those who protested against this sentence in any way possible.

We must maintain our campaign until Dr Qadir is free and back in Austria

Again after various theatricals of releasing Dr Qadir from prison, Dr Qadir is still in jail. Therefore we appeal to you to continue to write, protest and condemn this power which frightens you with Ba’athist laws. Protest in any peaceful and civilised way you can. They tell us that any one who exposes their dark secrets, political scandals and administrative corruption, will receive thirty years in prison. We find it necessary to directly address the city of [the martyr of free thought [Abd-al-Khaliq Ma’ruf, the city of Hewler [Arbil}: This city has always boiled with anger against despots and tyrants: how come that its writers and intellectuals are now cowered and we do not hear even a murmur from them? We appeal to you to join the protest and anger of the writers of Sulaymaniya, Kirkuk, Germiyan, the other parts of Kurdistan and the Diaspora. Don’t allow this theatrical which is played in the name of law and justice to go on any longer.

While we thank those writers and intellectuals who have supported freedom for Dr Qadir, we ask them: Please don’t lose your interest. Strengthen your No voice and your campaign. Let your pens be sharp and active. Condemn this shame which KDP alone is responsible for.

In fact without your support we would never have been able to achieve so much for Dr Qadir especially in the face of a party such as KDP which has thousands of dervishes, billions of dollars, ample weapons and tens of regional and international intelligence links. We depend on the support of tens of thousands of liberal-minded and freedom-loving people in all parts of Kurdistan, free thinkers in the world and international human rights organisations.

To give up now is to give in to power and a green light to them to continue in their violation of human rights of the people of Kurdistan, to continue in their stinking corruption, monopolization of power and wealth and suppression of the will and choice of the people of Kurdistan.
We appeal to those writers who have so far , for whatever reason, remained silent, to raise their voices and join the protest.
Let us not allow the political power to assassinate the character, personality and will of Dr Kamal Qadir.
We reject any conditional freedom for Dr Kamal Sayid Qadir and condemn it internationally.
We appeal to the world public opinion to support our campaign until Dr Kamal Qadir is free without any conditions and restrictions and return to Austria as a free man.

Free Dr Kamal Sayid Qadir Campaign, The Management Committee, 12 February 2006
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