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 In The Name of Great Kurdistan

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In The Name of Great Kurdistan  4.10.2007
By H. S. Soran

Iraq's total disintegration is the best present available alternative.

October 4, 2007

Very recently, US Senate, has approved a controversial bill to implement the partition of Iraq, into three separate federative regions. As readers of my articles may recall it, at least for about last two successive years or so, I am advocating persistently the full disintegration of Iraq.

Approval of said rational bill by US Senate, is considered as a positive and effective step forward toward prosperity of Iraqis, but does not look quite sufficient; because, federalism configuration for Iraq, is not an efficient formula; rather it will be far more better for the Iraqi people, if this country is completely divided into 3 genuine separate and demarcated independent countries; namely : Kurdistan Democratic Republic ( KDR) at north, where the country is dominated by Kurdish ethnic majority; Iraq Central Republic (ICR) at central and eastern areas of Iraq, where Sunny Arabs are a predominant; and Iraq Southern Republic ( ISR ) at south and east of Iraq, where Shiite Arabs, are a majority .

There is no real need whatsoever , to interconnect and fasten these three antagonist geographical sections to each other; they are ethnically , culturally and religiously heterogeneous. That is, they have no physical and metaphysical strong attachments together, rather let me to remind it frankly , that there are even negative or even hostile hidden and apparent interrelations, in particular between Sunny and Shiite Arabs , for around 1.5 millennium, which can not be eradicated so easily.

In other words, a complete disintegration of Iraq ( not federalism), will be the best practical alternative solution to stop suicides, lootings , skirmishes , disaster and other adversary interactions, which has converted Iraq into a red lake of blood and a black swamp of war. We have such fruitful disintegration experience at ex Yugoslavia, so the necessary steps shall be taken before long .

Let me add , the original configuration of present Iraq , had been a terrible mistake , which has been committed after the collapse of Ottoman Empire and the first world war .
May be the dividing powers of that post war era, such as Great Britain etc, mistakenly have thought , that all Iraq is populated by homogenous Sunny Arabs , and they can have a peaceful coexistence. Or they have implemented this tricky tactic, to create permanent chaos and unrest according to a previous elaborated plan ?

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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