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 Turkey set timetable for intrusions into Kurdistan region-north Iraq

 Source : KUNA
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Turkey set timetable for intrusions into Kurdistan region-north Iraq  21.4.2007 


April 21, 2007

ANKARA, -- The Turkish military has set a "specific timetable" for trans-borders operations including intrusions into autonomous Kurdistan region (northern Iraq), Turkish NTV news website reported Friday.

The move coincided with the arrival in Ankara by senior advisor to US Secretary of State Ambassador David Satterfield on an official visit to Turkey to discourage it from pushing ahead with the plan.

The plan, envisaging the intrusion of thousands of Turkish troops into the Kurdistani (northern Iraq) areas to hunt rebel Kurds, is about to be a realty, according to the report.

The Turkish military grew impatient with the escalating campaign of the Iraqi-based Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) inside Turkey.

The army will keep following up closely the developments of the situation till the end of April, then it will start moving in, it noted.

Since March, the army is carrying out a large-scale campaign against the PKK bases and militants in Turkey's southeastern provinces.

The campaign was described by a Washington Post newspaper "a time bomb." During his visit to Washington last week, Turkish coordinator of Kurd affairs Adip Bashar informed the U.S. Administration that his country would wait till the end of April before intruding into Kurdistan (northern Iraq) to exercise its legitimate right of self-defense.

Some 500 Kurd separatists exist in small bases inside Turkey while 5,000 others crossed the borders to Iraq to launch attacks against Turkish targets, according Turkish military estimates.

Since the PKK took arms against Turkey in pursuit of establishing an independent state for Kurds in mainlu Kurdish southeastern provinces in 1984, up to 37,000 people were killed from both sides.

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** The use of the term "Kurdistan" is vigorously rejected due to its alleged political implications by the Republic of Turkey, which does not recognize the existence of a "Turkish Kurdistan" Southeast Turkey.

Others estimate as many as 40 million Kurds live in Big Kurdistan (Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Armenia), which covers an area as big as France, about half of all Kurds which estimate to 20 million live in Turkey.

Turkey is home to some 20 million ethnic Kurds, some of whom openly sympathise with the Kurdish PKK for a Kurdish homeland in the country's mainly Kurdish southeast of Turkey.

Before August 2002, the Turkish government placed severe restrictions on the use of Kurdish language, prohibiting the language in education and broadcast media. The Kurdish alphabet is still not recognized in Turkey, and use of the Kurdish letters X, W, Q which do not exist in the Turkish alphabet has led to judicial persecution in 2000 and 2003

The Kurdish flag flown officially in Iraqi Kurdistan but unofficially flown by Kurds in Armenia. The flag is banned in Iran, Syria, and Turkey where flying it is a criminal offence" 

Southeastern Turkey: North Kurdistan ( Kurdistan-Turkey) wikipedia   


  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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