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 Conservatism does not mean anti-Kurd!

 Source : The.Conservative.Voice
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Conservatism does not mean anti-Kurd!  29.6.2007
By Brady Edholm

June 29, 2007

Over the past several months articles depicting the president of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) as Benito Mussolini and suggesting the deployment of Turkish troops in Kirkuk have appeared on The Conservative Voice.

As someone who cast his first vote for Ronald Regan, I have become increasingly frustrated in my struggle to find a connection between conservatism and being anti-Kurd or anti-KRG. A review of Iraqi Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani’s comments over the past year reveals at attitude in harmony with the ideals of most conservatives. Below are quotes from some his recent speeches and articles:

“Our greatest resource is our people and only our people can build our country, and a new future for themselves. Government alone can never build a future for our people. We as the KRG are obligated and committed to creating an environment where our people can build their own future.“ (Conference on Education, 22 May 2007) “Nothing is more important for improving the quality of life than receiving a quality education. We cannot have genuine freedom and prosperity until we have effective and contemporary education throughout our Region, for all our people. “ (Conference on Education, 22 May 2007)

”Even under the best of circumstances, building a civilized and democratic society is never an easy task. We in the Kurdistan Region face great challenges because of our difficult and painful past, and the complicated situation we find ourselves in today. We must, however, understand that democracy is not a luxury we can wait for. Democracy is the answer to many of the challenges that the Kurdistan Region faces today.” (Conference on Civil Society, 6 June 2007)

”This is a problem confronting all of us in both government and the private sector. Corruption is not just an economic problem; it is a moral, ethical, and social one.” (Conference on Civil Society, 6 June 2007)

”I reiterate that we have to be honest with ourselves and each other. Because of the oppression and suffering of the past, many of our people have learned to be lazy, to rely on the government and the state to provide for their needs. Our people do not show that spirit and dynamism that is needed for economic development. They are not ready to take on difficult work.” (Conference on Civil Society, 6 June 2007)

Moral and Ethical Education
”Civil society has a very important role in the field of moral and ethical education in the Region. The government has no role in this area. We cannot impose this subject on schools, mosques, churches, villages, institutions or families. The moral and ethical aspect of our society is, however, a subject which needs attention. Civil society should try to strengthen respect for the family, promote core values, stress respect for one’s fellow citizens and the importance of collective work, charity work and service to society.” (Conference on Civil Society, 6 June 2007)

Foreign Investment
“We will do all that we can to encourage foreign investment so that the Kurdistan region becomes the commercial gateway to all Iraq,”

“The Kurdistan Region is open for business! We have many needs and thus many opportunities. Nearly everything we use and consume, including much of our food, is now imported from abroad. We need foreign investment in every area of our economy, and my advice is: come here, look at our markets, our people, and our infrastructure, and help us to build our economy…. Fly into our new airports, drive our improving roads, and bring your expertise and knowledge. You will not be disappointed.” (Interview with Soma Digest. 22 May 2006)

As a conservative, I would like to express my admiration for the courage and determination Prime Minister Barzani and other leaders in the Kurdistan Regional Government continue to demonstrate in the region’s fight for economic and social development.

Source: theconservativevoice com

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