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 Iran: 2 Kurdish journalists are condemned to death 

 Source : RFE/RL | Kurdish Renesans | Roj Bash
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Iran: 2 Kurdish journalists are condemned to death  19.7.2007

July 19, 2007

Mariwan, Iranian Kurdistan, -- On 17th July 2007, the “Revolutionnary Tribunal” of Mariwan condemned to death two Kurdish journalists, Adnan Hassanpur and Hiwa Botimar, for acting against the country's national security « espionage ».

They have been just transfered to the central prison of Sanandaj (Sine), the capital of the province of Kurdistan, for the execution of their judgment.

These collaborators of ASO magazine (Horizons), published in Kurdish and Persan in Sanandaj, were arrested at the end of December 2006, by the dreadful Iranian police ITILAAT. At the time of their detention in the prison of Mariwan, they were severely tortured. To protest against these maltreatments, they had made several hunger strikes. 

Adnan Hassanpur and Hiwa Botimar. Photo

The arrest of these two peaceful Kurdish journalists, of which one is engaged in an ecologist movement, is a part of a vast campaign of repression, launched by Iranian president Ahmedinejad’s regime against “the interior enemies”.

Some Iranian news websites have suggested that both men are members of Kurdish groups that oppose the central government.

Hassanpur's sister today rejected such suggestions in comments to Radio Farda:

"I think his only [offense] is his pen and the articles he has written," she said. "As Adnan's sister, I know all about him -- he didn't have any relation to any political party inside or outside Iran. All our relatives and friends know that Adnan was not related to any [opposition] parties and he's been a totally independent journalist."

During the last months, 150 intellectuals, journalists, and representatives of the Kurdish civil society were thus arrested. Most of them risk heavy judgments, facing the legal machinery of a regime founded by a leader, Ayyatollah Khomeini, who, since August 1979, called million of Kurds in Iran “enemies and children of Satan”, for the only motive that they are not shiite and support a laic and democratic regime.

Without an urgent intervention of the international community, both journalists will be executed and their martyrdom could open the way with a series of execution of other political prisoners, Kurdish and Iranian.

There are around 10 million of Kurds in Iran, mostly in four Western provinces (Kurdistan), contiguous in Kurdistan of Iraq and Turkey.

Campaign to invalidate the death sentence for two Kurd journalists and civic actives Adnan Hassanpur and Hiwa Butimar

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Iranian Kurdistan
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The present leader of the organisation is Haji Ahmadi. According to the Washington Times, half the members of PEJAK are women, many of them still in their teens, and one of the female members of the leadership council is Gulistan Dugan, a psychology graduate from the University of Tehran. This is due primarily to the fact that PJAK is strongly supportive of women's rights. PJAK believes that women must have a strong role in government and must be on an equal level with men in leadership positions.

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