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 Five Iranian revolutionary guards killed, injured near borders: PEJAK

 Source : VOI
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Five Iranian revolutionary guards killed, injured near borders  26.9.2007

September 26, 2007

Iran-Iraqi Kurdistan border, -- Fighters from the Iranian opposition party (PEJAK) killed three Iranian Islamic revolutionary guards and wounded two more near the Iraqi Kurdistan-Iranian-Turkish borders, a military source from PJAK said on Wednesday.

"The military wing of PEJAK managed to kill three Iranian soldiers and injure two others, in addition to capturing another soldier in Doula Eishy on the Iraqi-Iranian-Turkish borders," the source said on condition of anonymity.

"The operation came in response to the Iranian shelling of the party's strongholds last week," he explained.

The PEJAK (Partiya Jiyana Azada KurdistanÍ in Kurdish or Kurdistan Free Life Party) is an Iranian Kurdish military opposition group founded in 2004, said to be linked to the PKK. PEJAK, although being a newly established organization, regularly launches militant operations against Iranian army forces.

PEJAK, or Free Life Party of Kurdistan, since 2004 PEJAK took up arms for self-rule in the country's mainly Kurdistan province northwestern of Iran. Half the members of PEJAK are women.


Iranian Kurdistan
** Iranian Kurdistan (Kurdish: Kurdistana őranÍ or Kurdistana Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan) or RojhilatÍ Kurdistan (East of Kurdistan)) is an unofficial name for the parts of Iran inhabited by Kurds and has borders with Iraq and Turkey. It includes the greater parts of West Azerbaijan province, Kurdistan Province, Kermanshah Province, and Ilam Province. Kurds form the majority of the population of this region with an estimated population of 4 million. The region is the eastern part of the greater cultural-geographical area called Kurdistan.
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The present leader of the organisation is Haji Ahmadi. According to the Washington Times, half the members of PEJAK are women, many of them still in their teens, and one of the female members of the leadership council is Gulistan Dugan, a psychology graduate from the University of Tehran. This is due primarily to the fact that PJAK is strongly supportive of women's rights. PJAK believes that women must have a strong role in government and must be on an equal level with men in leadership positions.

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The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran in Kurdish (HÓzbÓ DÍmokiratÓ KurdistanÓ  ran) is a Kurdish opposition group in Iranian Kurdistan which seeks the attainment of Kurdish national rights within a democratic federal republic of Iran.

The current General Secretary of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan is Mustafa Hijri
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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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