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 Kurds and Christians: Brothers through Thick and Thin

 Source : PUK Media
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Kurds and Christians: Brothers through Thick and Thin  22.10.2008
By Mustafa Salih Karim

October 22, 2008

When the prominent Kurdish leader Sheikh Mahmud assumed authority as the first King of Kurdistan in the 1920th, it was essential for him to fill his government with knowledgeable, efficient, and reputable ministers.

One of them was a Christian renowned for his generosity and integrity: Abdul Kareem Alaka, who was the finance minister for the first government in Kurdistan. Sheikh Mahmud made this appointment without paying any heed to what may be said about him by the people of Sulaimani, who regarded Sheikh Mahmud as a devout Muslim since he was descendent from the line of Kak Ahmedi Sheikh.                  

Mustafa Salih Karim
This appointment had a profound meaning since although the brotherhood of Kurds and Christians had been established for some time, this decision became a solid foundation for the warm relations between Kurds and Christians. In times of hunger, we shared bread and roasted acorns together in Sulaimani, and we picked olives from the orchards of Hermuta near Koya. These relations extended throughout Mosul and its surroundings, and Christians were like dear brothers for us. When a Christian dies, the Church is filled with Muslims offering their condolences, and sometimes the bereaved families have more Muslim visitors than Christian ones.

The Christians of Kurdistan shared in the imprisonment and resistance; and during the time of revolution, Christians fought nobly in the trenches against dictatorship and tyranny.

And when they were victims of the barbaric attacks of Al-Qaeda and the Ba'athists, we stood beside them in their suffering. We opened our hearts and our doors to them, and we promised to remain steadfast in the defense of their humanitarian struggle. They should return to their homes, full of dignity, defiant of all Ba'athists—old and new.

What is so confusing is those who insist on fishing in the polluted waters—those Ba'athist (old and new) have made the Kurds into a scapegoat for their crimes, accusing the Kurds of hunting Christians down in an attempt to acquit the so-called Islamic state of Iraq and the Ba'athists who are involved in these crimes. But they forget that the sun can't be hidden by a single sieve, and that there is no impartial judge among the Christians who would believe these unfounded accusations spread via satellite stations.

In addition to these, there is one man who has gone so far as to earn the designation of a world record holder for irresponsible statements. He has exploited his position as a Member of Parliament to attack Kurds and accuse them of expelling Christians. This MP, through his attempts to sow division in the national unity through false accusations, will soon lose his immunity as an MP. A Kurdish Parliamentarian has recently demanded this stripping of immunity, and we fully support him in this constitutional demand.

The key point is this: What is the position of the head of the Iraqi Bloc regarding the circus performance of his own MP? The question is particularly important given that the head of the Iraqi Bloc is supposedly a friend of the Kurds. But talk is cheap, it is his stance that counts.

Translation: Barzan Wahab from PUKmedia /Arabic edition

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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