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 Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

 Source : VOI | PUK Media - Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
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Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief  24.10.2008

October 24, 2008 -  Sulaimaniyah, Erbil-Hewler, Duhok, Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region 'Iraq'

Delegation of Kurdistan Parties Supreme Council heads back home

The delegation of the Kurdistani Political Parties Supreme Council which was in Iran in a 3 days visit and met the Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad and other senior officials, left Tehran heading back to Kurdistan region.

Kurdistan region President Massoud Barzani was the head of the delegation which also included Qadir Aziz, the Secretary of Kurdistan Toilers Party, Salah al-Den Baha al-Den, the Secretary General of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan, Fadhel Merani, the Secretary of the KDP Politburo, Arslan Baiez, the Member of the PUK Politburo and Dr. Fuad Husain, the head of Kurdistan Presidency Office.

Honey festival starts in Duhok

Duhok: The festival of honey started in Duhok on Thursday with the participation of more than 70 beekeepers from different cities of Kurdistan region.

“The three-day festival will witness the participation of beekeepers from Kirkuk, Sulaimaniyah, Erbil and Duhok and will show the best types of honey in Kurdistan,” Khorshid Pirawmeri, the head of the organizing committee of the festival, told VOI.

“The festival is being organized by the association of Kurdistan’s beekeepers and with the support of the Regional Reconstruction Team (RRT) of the U.S. embassy in Baghdad the agriculture department in Duhok,” he explained.

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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