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 Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

 Source : VOI | PUK Media - Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
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Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief  28.10.2008

October 28, 2008 -  Sulaimaniyah, Erbil-Hewler, Duhok, Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region 'Iraq'

Prices increased in Kurdistan in September – ASK

The international organization of American Society for Kurds (ASK) on Tuesday said that prices in the Iraqi Kurdistan region increased by less than one percent last September.

“The price of goods in the Iraqi Kurdistan region increased by 0.6438 percent,” said a report issued by ASK.

“The rental prices for real-estate in Erbil and other Iraqi Kurdish cities also increased,” it added.

ASK is a U.S.-Kurdish organization that was founded in the U.S. in 1997, and have been operating in the Iraqi Kurdistan region since 1999, through a major office at the region’s capital city, Erbil.

Trade delegation from Sulaimaniyah chamber to Bursa fair

Deputy Head of Sulaimaniyah chamber of industry and commerce on Tuesday said that a delegation from the chamber will participate in Bursa International Fair in Turkey by the end of coming month.

“The fair will take place from November 27 until December 1, 2008,” Newzad Ahmed Kareem told VOI.

“The fair is devoted to construction, power, and electrical stuffs,” he said

The Sulaimaniyah chamber of commerce and industry participates in most of the fairs taking place outside Iraq.

Iranian trade delegation in Sulaimaniyah tomorrow

Sulaimaniyah: An Iranian trade delegation, led by the governor of the Iranian Kermanshah city, will arrive tomorrow, Wednesday in Sulaimaniyah city in preparation for an exhibition that is scheduled to take place next month.

“Upon its arrival, the delegation will meet with representatives of Sulaimaniyah’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce to discuss the latest preparations for an Iranian exhibition that is due to take place in the city at the end of the next month,” a member of the administrative committee of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Sulaimaniya province, Yasseen Raheem, said.

The exhibition will be held in Sulaimaniyah’s Talslouja district from November 25-28, in cooperation with the chambers of commerce in Sulaimaniyah and Kermanshah.

Kurdish military official survives attempt in Touz

A senior Kurdish security official escaped an attempt on his life with an improvised explosive device that targeted his vehicle in central Touz Khormato district, Salah al-Din province, on Tuesday, a security source said.

“An IED went off near the vehicle of Shawan Mohammed, the chief of the Kurdish security agency Asayesh, near a court building in central Touz Khormato district, (80 km) south of Kirkuk province,” the source told VOI.

“Mohammed survived the explosive attempt unscathed but his vehicle was severely damaged,” the source added, not giving more details.

Turkish jetfighters resume bombing Kurdistan region border areas

Once more the Turkish jetfighters bombarded the border areas in Iraqi Kurdistan region. A well informed source in Sidakan sub-district in Soran district in the northwest of Erbil province said that 2 Turkish jetfighters bombarded Wadi Deri and Bejwanan village that are located 2 km from Sidakan sub-district.

The source added that the bombing hit sheep cattle and left many killed, also damaged the farms and properties of the area’s residents.

Bearing in mind, the Turkish jetfighters and artillery hit the border areas in Kurdistan region to target the PKK, the matter which caused panic among the residents and forced them to desert their homes.

2 German medical teams to treat cardiac patients in Erbil

Erbil: Two German medical teams, specialized in cardiac surgery, arrived on Monday in Erbil to treat cardiac patients during a 10-day visit, the director of the Erbil center for Cardiac Surgery said.

“The two teams consist of seven doctors specialized in cardiac surgeries and will stay in Arbil for ten days,” Dr. Kamel Nameq told Aswat al-Iraq.

“Their visit came within the agreement signed last April between Rostock and Bon universities with the Arbil center for Cardiac Surgery,” he noted.

Kurdish girl becomes head of Mayer council in Rasipory province in Finland

In the frame of the elections which have been held every 4 years across Finland, a Kurdish girl has won the election for the head of Rasipory Province aforementioned council on October 26/27. The girl is from Kirkuk city, and she has entered Finland for 4 years.

During her residency in Finland, she completed the Administration and Economic College there. The new head of Mayer council in Rasipory province who is 25, Media Zaher Hatem, said about her candidate to Kurdistani Nwe that she nominated herself for Finland Swedish party (SFP-RKP), and has got the post.

She also added that her party got 5130 votes in 3 cities, and it has got 27 seats, adding that she will start her work on January 1st, 2008 for the next 4 years. Media expressed her delight as a Kurdistan Region girl for obtaining the aforementioned position, and she confirmed that she will use all her efforts to recognize the Kurdistan Region issues in the foreign centers and to support the rights of her country refuges.

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