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 Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

 Source : VOI | PUK Media - Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
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Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief  30.10.2008

October 30, 2008 -  Sulaimaniyah, Erbil-Hewler, Duhok, Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region 'Iraq'

Iraqi government to control Kurdistan region flights

Iraqi government has decided that from now on the legal affairs of all flights of the Iraqi airports including Kurdistan region airports should be carried out in Baghdad.
In a statement the general director of technical affairs of Sulaimaniyah International Airport, Taer Abdulla Kadir, told PUKmedia that according to the Iraqi civil aviation authority law, all flights to be approved by Baghdad. Moreover, the IDs of the pilots would be issued and investigated in Baghdad first and then the regions to be notified about this. He also said that this law is being pursued by both Sulaimaniyah and Erbil International Airports before, indicating that this decision might have a political agenda without pointing out to any other details.

KRG to invite Nelson Mandela to visit Kurdistan Region

The ministry of culture in the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) plans to invite the former President of South Africa and the prominent figure Nelson Mandela to visit Kurdistan region.

Regarding that, Taman Shakir, the head of the media office of the KRG minister of culture told PUKmedia website that minister Falak al-Den Kakai asked the KRG Premier to dispatch a formal invitation for Mandel to visit Kurdistan region. Shakir added that the delegation of the KRG ministry of culture met the head of the Kurdish Institution in Paris Candal Nazan who emphasized Mandela’s respect to the people of Kurdistan region and his wish to visit Kurdistan in order to closely observe the situation there.

Kurdistan region parliament authorizes women to have right of divorce

After the Kurdistan region parliament on previous sessions voted unanimously in favor of remaining strong conditional polygamy article in the Kurdistan region draft law for personal status code, Wednesday the parliament discussed the conditions and basis of marriage contract in which authorized women to have the right of divorce. “While signing a marriage contract, two witnesses –without differentiating between man and women-should attend in front of the judge and women also have the right of divorce, provided that the woman imposes this condition for the man in the time of signing the contract.” an article of the draft law - which ratified overwhelmingly- stipulates.

However, several lawmakers rejected this article which allows women to have the right of divorce, saying women are rather an emotional creature and this right might have strong danger against disintegration of the family ties. The parliament also unanimously endorsed that the age of marriage is “Both the male and the female should complete16 years of age, provided that a medical report should certify both sides mentally and physically are healthy. Another condition of the marriage contract is that parents of the girl or the woman should express their consent, or at least the mother of the woman to agree to the marriage in case father of the girl was dead.

Iran to activate border trade with Iraq’s Kurdistan-governor

Sulaimaniyah: Iranian Karmanshah governor on Wednesday announced he discussed activating dealings in border crossings and organizing a commercial expo in Sulaimaniyah. Meeting Sulaimaniyah governor Dana Ahmed, Karmanshah governor Majid Ghafouri said “he discussed means of activating the border crossings between Iran and Iraq’s Kurdistan region.”
“It aimed at boosting the move of commodities, of which 50 percent flow through the crossings of Barweezkhan and Shawshama.”
“A large expo for Iranian products would be organized in Sulaimaniyah next December”, the Iranian official noted.

Iraq’s Kurdistan region imports large quantities of its foodstuffs and agricultural products from Iran through five border crossings. It is expected that the rate of Iranian exported products will rise from $1.5 billion in 2006 to $3 billion according to the Iraqi Ambassador to Iran.
The Iranian official wrapped up two-day visit to Sulaimaniyah, which lies 364 north Baghdad.

Koreans end medical services ahead of withdrawal

Erbil: The commander of South Korean troops in Iraq on Wednesday said that they have closed their hospital in Kurdistan in preparation for their departure from the country.

“Al-Zaytun Hospital’s employees have performed their duty in providing medical services for citizens….,” the South Korean commander told VOI.

Earlier Wednesday, a spokesperson for the South Korean Ministry of Defense, Won Tae-Jae, said that his country will withdraw its remaining troops from Iraq by December 20, ending the deployment of what was once the third largest foreign force in the war-torn country. In 2004, Seoul sent 3,600 troops to Iraq to take part in military operations in the aftermath of the collapse of the former Iraqi regime. The forces were centered in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

$114M in supplementary budget for Sulaimaniyah

A total of $114 million has been allocated for the supplementary budget of Sulaimaniyah province, a member of the provincial council said on Wednesday.

“The prime ministry of Kurdistan has decided to approve a 137-billion-dinar ($114 million) supplementary budget for Sulaimaniyah,” Kurdistan Fariq Ahmed said. An amount of 117 billion Iraqi dinars has been earmarked for this supplementary budget, but was later raised to 137 billion dinars due to the large number of services projects in the province.

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