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 Dr. Kamal Qadir: Freedom fighter or homophobe ? Human rights must be respected

 Source : Roj Bash Blog |
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Dr. Kamal Qadir: Freedom fighter or homophobe ? Human rights must be respected  22.2.2008 

February 22, 2008

Shortly, Dr Kamal Qadir’s troubles could be summarized like that : He writes since many years some articles criticizing corruption and nepotism of the Kurdistan government, and exposes for that some facts, probably verifiable and indubitable facts. According the criterions of freedom of expression, it is his absolute right to do it, and even a duty.

And then, during his imprisonment, he has benefited of defence and support among democratic Kurdish voices, and from big NGOs also, specialized in Human rights and freedom of expression. Austrian government, naturally, cared of one of its citizens.    

Dr. Kamal Said Qadir, Austrian citizen, an international legal expert, writer and human rights activist

As we can say, it appears firstly as a very simple case : A struggle between “progressist and democratic intellectuals” vs “retrograde and arbitrary government”… The first won, Kamal Qadir has been released, morality is saved.

But… no one noticed that the content of the “insults” against some members of Barzani clan, true or false, were opposed to that democratic ideology, pro-Human Rights principles, on which Qadir and his supporters based their protest. For the same Human rights claim that no one could be persecuted or insulted for his political, religious opinions, as much as his sexual way of life, if it does not harm other citizens.

However, while treating certain member of the Barzani family of “homosexual” as an insult, the same “Dr. Qadir” trangresses the law that forbidden any attack against private life and offence of homophobia (the former is generally in Europe equal to “racist crime”).

Then, writing like (the journalist of the New York Times) published on Kurdmedia website that Qadir has enfreint some limit in a way which is not allowed in the Middle East is not false, but one can doubt that in Austria, Qadir could have published a paper criticizing the homosexuality of MPs or politicians… If he writes such remarks in Europe or in US or Canada, he could be put in trial by Gay and Lesbians associations, for these people don’t like that their sexuality could be used as a black spot on citizens’ faces…

Consequently, when he come back in Austria, Qadir should be logically prosecuted in the name of the same principles and rights that allowed him to be released in Kurdistan…

So we can see at first a case opposing in an interesting way, 2 worlds, 2 moralities, the progressists pro-Human rights side and the “old” eastern societies, “corrupted” and “touchies” concerning their “sexual honour”. But we can see also that the main protagonist, the “victim” sat on 2 chairs, calling to freedom and rights in a side, and denying these same principles which want that everybody is free to carry out its sexual life. So Qadir is an interesting sample of these half-westernized intellectuals, using sometimes human rights, sometimes old “feudal” attacks in their way of thinking and writing…

Kamal Qadir also called a “pimp” Masrour Barzani, the chief of "Parastin", the director of Kurdistan Intelligence agency, telling that Kurdish services use prostitutes for their information. The last point made me laughing a lot… For I wonder which Foreign and police service in the world does not use “the oldest job of Human history” to be informed…

We must keep in mind that Europe is democratic and human rights are respected, according to latest news, the bodyguards of Masrour Barzani physically attacked Dr. Kamal in Vienna on Tuesday, this action is not acceptable in Europe and no one has the right to attack an beat others for any reason. Any reasons doesn't give Masrour Barzani the right to attack Dr.Kamal. Europe is not Kurdistan.

Some information for this report was provided by Roj Bash | | northerniraq info      


  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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