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 Iraqi Kurd daily criticizes Turkish policy towards Kurdistan 

 Source : Aso Daily Newspaper | BBC Monitoring
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Iraqi Kurd daily criticizes Turkish policy towards Kurdistan  1.3.2008
By Adnan Osman

March 1, 2008

Text of commentary by editor Adnan Osman: "PKK or Kirkuk?", published by Iraqi Patriotic Union of Kurdistan-funded daily Aso on 28 February

It is reported that in one of his visits to Turkey in the period of Turgut Ozal's presidency, the Turks blamed [Secretary-General of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)] Jalal Talabani for supporting the PKK. Talabani was surprised by this criticism and told the Turks: "I don't understand how I support the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). I managed to talk to [PKK leader] Abdulla Ocalan and convinced him to declare a ceasefire from his headquarters at Biqa' valley [Lebanon] and to be prepared to negotiate a peaceful solution with you." The Turks replied: "That is exactly what we mean. You gave good advice to PKK and then put the ball in our court."

Whether this story is true or not, it does not change anything from the fact that the Turks, especially their military, have always thought in this way, have always used the language of violence and repression instead of the language of peace and dialogue and instead of making an effort to understand the roots of the problem. It is odd that a state should be happy with its opponents' language of war and violence and be upset by the call for peace.

It is now many years since the PKK expressed its willingness for talks and negotiation at any level. This party is prepared to change its ideology, methodology and policies; it is prepared to seek solutions within the framework of the Turkish state; it is prepared to abandon the armed struggle and to choose political methods to achieve its aims. It has declared a unilateral ceasefire many times. It has changed its ideological and political language to such a degree that it has lost the support of many Kurds who think that it is a setback for the Kurdish national movement.

In response to all this, Turkey has not taken even the smallest positive step. Its racist policies are still in action. Only in the last few days, the head of a Kurdish municipality was taken to court because he used the Kurdish language in his office.

And now, the Turkish state has received the PKK's decision to declare a unilateral ceasefire with the same old mentality.

Political observers regard this strange Turkish position with surprise: this country is always prepared to welcome the prospect of war at any time and ignores all possibilities of peace. Many observers believe that the current Turkish threats and escalated language of war are related to the implementation of clause 140. In fact we have always seen the intensification of Turkish pressure at very sensitive times. And now every time the Kurdish political leadership makes a tortoise step towards the implementation of this clause, Turkey increases its pressure and threats.

In short, this sort of approach and behaviour from Turkey is not just related to the problem of the PKK and the Kurds or the result of a psychological complication or internal problems. It is part of the foreign agenda which this country seeks to implement in the region and Iraq in particular.

Originally published by Aso, Kirkuk, in Sorani Kurdish 28 Feb 08.

BBC Monitoring Middle East   


  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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