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 Kurdistan Region, a laboratory for pilot testing of chemical weaponry

 Source : H. S. Soran
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Kurdistan Region, a laboratory for pilot testing of chemical weaponry  25.6.2008 
By H. S. Soran

June 25, 2008

Anniversary Commemoration of Sardasht Chemical Bombardment


As a writer without frontier - but of Kurdish origin, three years ago, I had an exceptional opportunity to carry out a relatively general field study of Sardasht Chemical Bombardment and its fatal aftermaths. This bestial bombing was committed indiscriminately by Saddam's savage horrible regime, in June * 27, 1987, during Iran/Iraq futile conflict, in which Kurds had no role in igniting its cursed fire.

Sardasht is a charming small size mountainous township, located at Iran/Iraq geographic border, at Northwestern corner of Iran,  with famous wild black grape vine yards and romantic superb landscapes, among which the Shalmash Waterfall, is an outstanding and elegant natural symbolic phenomena, that attracts thousands of tourists in spring and summer season each year.

H. S. Soran, Kurdish freelance writer
Among many ardent and devoted patriotic personalities of these town, we can typically point out to late Mulla Awareh, who was a talented, high ranking and popular Kurdish poet and Peshmarga ( liberator ), that has been executed by Shah's Panfarsism regime, in late 60s treacherously.

This Sardasht bombardment was carried out at day time by Saddam's army, and its attacking epicenter was exactly the middle square of the town, called Sarchaweh. There was no military garrison or any similar fortification at this location, i.e. they had chemically bombarded a pure civilian population. For example only a household, called Vahidi family, suffered around seven causalities and/or dangerous injuries. In this super barbaric bombardment, which was a continuation of animosity Kurdish genocide by Saddam and completion of Halabja catastrophe, thousands of civilians were martyred, handicapped, crippled or seriously injured or made homeless.

Besides visiting the respective martyrs' cemetery there and pilgrimage to their mausoleum at town outskirts, I saw many crippled persons and injured ones, which still are suffering from serious pains and chemical aching.

Besides this lamentable situation, I was told that this devastating bombardment had an deterrent impact on feminine and masculine birth rate ratio and resulted in a high and abnormal cases of abortion, too.

The native people said, that in general this bombardment had a deteriorating and destructive implication on natural environment, human life, plantation circumstances, animal kingdom and agriculture etc severely, which it is necessary that its aftermaths be evaluated and analyzed by different teams of experts precisely, in particular its long term dangerous ones, such as its cancerous genesis, nervous pathology etc on future generations.

I must emphasize on this shocking fact, that besides Sardasht and Halabja, which we call them Kurdistan Hiroshima and Nagasaki, tenth of other civil small communities are bombarded chemically in Kurdistan, at Iran or Iraq geographical domain, for example Qalache village near Mariwan etc.

But this ferocious process, which is still continuing, has transformed Great Kurdistan ( Kurdish populated areas of Middle East ) to a Laboratory For Pilot Testing Of Chemical And Extraordinary Hazardous Weaponry.

As an example, I point out to rumors of a possible chemical bombardment made by Turkey, at QANDIL Mountain environment in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) district, Iraq, which is mainly populated by civil Kurdish community, in beginning of 2008, for which unfortunately up to now, I had no opportunity to visit the region and make a field survey similar to those I made at Halabja and Sardasht ; but as far as I have seen on prestigious TV news screens, in result of Turkish government's suspicious bombardment, those small lambs and goat kids, which were sucking their mothers milks, were intoxicated and perished in groups immediately. Even parent animals, which were grazing at those intoxicated pastures, were died in herds ; that is indication of a possible chemical pollution, made by Turkey's bombardment.

So, I propose to respective international responsible authorities, to commission expert teams to visit the bombardment site before long and try to prevent any catastrophic long and short term outcomes, which can be transformed to another Halabja and Sardasht ; and if respective investigations proved to be positive, exert their best effort to minimize its dangerous impacts.

In the meantime, now when coincides with the anniversary commemoration of Sardasht chemical bombardment, I reiterate my deepest condolence and sorrow to the family of the martyrs. And I thank the Kurdish students of Esfahan University, in Iran who hold an anniversary gathering to commemorate that catastrophe, in particular I appreciate the head of Kurdish Students Society at Esfahan Umiversity, Mr. Jalal Hajizadeh and his diligent classmates, who organized that commemoration gathering for Sardasht Chemical Bombardment - along with Anfal and Halabja Kurd's genocide, which are carried out in Iraqi occupied Kurdistan, in last 3 decades.

A serious question from Mr. Ban Ki-moon the UN secretary general : If Kurds are selected as laboratory mice, for testing the performance of new chemical and other hazardous warfare?

But dear Sir! Kurds have demonstrated explicitly that are genuine lovers of universal peaceful coexistence, equality and justice. They shall not be used as laboratory mice.

Note: some are citing bombardment has been carried out in June 28 ?

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