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 Turkey: Broadcasting in Kurdish language an insincere offer of reconciliation

 Source : Rauf Naqishbendi - opinion
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Turkey: Broadcasting in Kurdish language an insincere offer of reconciliation  16.1.2009 
By Rauf Naqishbendi

January 16, 2009

The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) commenced its official Kurdish-language television broadcast on January 1, 2009, with the motto, “We live under the same sky,” pretentiously advocating the Turks’ peaceful coexistence with the Kurdish minority. Given Turkish belligerence and their long-standing experience in practicing genocide, one wonders if they have finally opened their eyes to the world, realizing that they can coexist peacefully with others, versus their long-standing mentality of committing genocide against defenseless minorities living with them in the same country and under the same sky.

One who is not familiar with the barbarism of the Turks might be confounded as to why broadcasting in the Kurdish language, in a country where one-third of its population is Kurdish, is such a big deal.                         

Rauf Naqishbendi
One might wonder why they made their prime minister at their first opening session the headline news. It might also seem that the Kurds are newcomers to Turkey , having just arrived there, and the blessed Turks moved in a hurry, kind-heartedly, to make accommodations. None of these is true. The fact is that doing these things doesn’t show how benevolent they are by tolerating others, but merely highlights how brutal they have been for nearly a century as they starved Kurds from every human right, including the most basic ones such as cultural freedom or the most natural human entitlements, such as freedom to speak one’s mother tongue.

The dehumanizing Turkish atrocities against humanity have been known to the world for centuries, from the time of the Sultans who placed white European women in sex slavery, to the Turks’ genocide against defenseless Armenians and Assyrians. They committed genocide against these Christian minorities because they didn’t resemble the filthy Turkish version of Islam or the Turkish ideal for world domination. They did so without any remorse. Even now the Turkish right wing, and for that matter, most Turks, dispute the number of genocide victims. They claim that there weren’t 1.5 million Christian victims, but rather that the actual number is in the ten or hundred thousands. For argument’s sake, let us say it was in the ten thousands. Doesn’t that deserve confession and genuine remorse from the Turks? Or are Christian lives trivial and not to be counted!

Turkish intolerance is still in progress against all minorities in Turkey , and for a century their primary target has been the Kurds, who are one third of Turkey ’s population. Turks are known for their expertise in committing genocide. Turkish genocide against the Kurds, which was initiated in the aftermath of World War I, is continuing as we speak. They have been able to bring their calamitous anger upon others because, in the past, the world, and in particular the United States, has not only been mute regarding Turkish barbarism, but rather has supported the Turks monetarily and militarily. The Turks, then, used this support to pursue their fanatic behaviors.

President Elect Obama, should he desire to restore America’s credibility and sense of fair foreign policy, should spell out to the Turks, with no reservation, that the United States cannot afford for friends like Turkey to burden us with the liability of human atrocities. He needs to demand that the Turks act according to principles of human decency so their past contradiction to human decency not to be repeated and so that the Turks will embark on a policy of tolerance and equality toward minorities in Turkey and mutual respect to their neighboring countries.

The damning disease that the Turks have been miserably enjoying is their unfounded national pride. What is about Turkish pride that causes them to so highly estimate themselves? As far as humanity is concerned,
www.ekurd.netthe Turks haven’t been contributing any meaningful enhancements to the life of mankind. What have they invented or what scientific or technological achievements are they are so proud of? There are none. The only thing they have been known for and are good at is brutality and their national experiments with genocide.

Now they fake their feelings to show the world that they have let 20 million Kurds have a TV broadcast in their language after centuries of their occupation of Kurdistan. This is utterly pretentious. They have done so only to provide for their membership in the European Union, because a prerequisite for their membership, as required by EU, is the mandate that the Turks must treat minorities in Turkey tolerantly and humanely. Another reason to have this new TV station is to compete with the popular Rozh TV, broadcasted by the Kurdish Freedom Fighters, Kurdish Worker Party, the PKK.

The creation of Kurdish television to compete with the PKK is just another step in the Turks’ persistence in continuing their bloody violence against Kurdish rebellions who demand democratic and peaceful existence for all its citizens. In so doing, the Turks’ refuse to resolve their differences without bloodshed and avoid civilized dialogue that the PKK is pleading for. The world already knows that the Turks are a violent people; therefore, why should they think that they are fooling the world. They are dumbfounded because they fool no one but themselves.

Having a TV station alone will not meet the Kurdish demand for justice, and it will not halt the Kurds’ struggle for equitable national rights. Let the Turks continue television broadcasting of a Turkish script in the Kurdish language, and the PKK will fight to the end of their aim, that is, life with liberty and human treatment with dignity.

Rauf Naqishbendi is a contributing columnist for Kurdish Websites, American Chronicle , americanchronicle com and has written Op/Ed pages for the Los Angeles Times. He has just completed his memoirs entitled "The Garden Of The Poets" which reads as a novel depicting his experience and the subsequent 1988 bombing of his hometown with chemical and biological weapons by Saddam Hussein. It is the story of his people's suffering. Rauf Naqishbendi is a software engineer in San Francisco Bay Area.

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