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 Investigation opened in Turkey over ID card with Kurdish name 

 Source :  Hurriyet Daily News |  Agencies  
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Investigation opened in Turkey over ID card with Kurdish name  28.10.2009 

October 28, 2009

ISTANBUL, Turkey, The Interior Ministry has initiated an investigation against a population-registry official in Ankara who gave a baby an ID card with a Kurdish name, news agencies reported Tuesday.

Upon the request of the babys father, Kenan Kırkaya, the official registered the babys name as Hv Jiyan. The letters and do not exist in the Turkish alphabet.

Anonymous officials speaking to the private news Web site NTVMSNBC said that the letters , and have been used before,
www.ekurd.netbut not the letter . The ministry officials said the infants ID card might be cancelled if any mistake by the official were to be determined.

The officer in the registration office wrote the baby girls name, Hv Jiyan, by using letters and , which are not in Turkish alphabet.
In Kurdish, Hv means hope and Jiyan means life.

Kirkaya said when he received his daughters ID card, he was so happy that she did not meet the same fate as her mother. Though Kirkayas wife is named Newroz, population-registry officials wrote her name without using a w.

If there had been any problem with the name he wanted for his child, Kırkaya said earlier, he was thinking of leaving the name section on the ID card empty.

Turkey refuses to recognize its Kurdish population as a distinct minority. It has allowed some cultural rights such as limited broadcasts in the Kurdish language and private Kurdish language courses with the prodding of the European Union, but Kurdish politicians say the measures fall short of their expectations.

Before August 2002, the Turkish government placed severe restrictions on the use of Kurdish language, prohibiting the language in education and broadcast media. The Kurdish alphabet is still not recognized in Turkey, and use of the Kurdish letters X, W, Q which do not exist in the Turkish alphabet has led to judicial persecution in 2000 and 2003.

The use of the term "Kurdistan" is vigorously rejected due to its alleged political implications by the Republic of Turkey, which does not recognize the existence of a "Turkish Kurdistan" Southeast Turkey.

Earlier this year, the government announced that it was working on a raft of reforms expected to give greater freedoms to the country's 20 million Kurds, but it is yet to announce details.

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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