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 Iraqi Kurdistan opens additional clinic to service villagers 

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Iraqi Kurdistan opens additional clinic to service villagers  23.2.2009

February 23, 2009

HALABJA, Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — People gathered for the grand opening of the Tovo Medical Clinic Feb. 12 in the Kani Karweshkan foothills, located in Halabja, Kurdistan region in Iraq's north.

The clinic opened in honor of Brig. Gen. Kenneth Tovo, in recognition of his past service in Iraq. The new clinic will help address a need in this northern Iraq community.

This new facility, to be equipped with more than $25,000 of medical equipment, will help significantly improve the region’s medical care and provide essential services throughout the Kurdish autonomous region, said a coalition forces advisor.

Projects like this one create short-term benefits and long-term potential consistent with the intended goals of the Iraqi and coalition forces partnership. Short-term, the clinic makes medical care for potentially fatal illnesses and injuries more accessible.                          

Dr. Ako, Halabja, director of health, talks with local media representatives at the opening of the Tovo Medical Clinic, Feb. 12, in the foothills of Kani Karweshkan, Kurdistan region of Iraq. The new clinic offers the services of three full-time doctors who provide emergency medical care to approximately 500 residents in six surrounding villages.
The clinic provides almost 500 residents from six surrounding villages access to a medical facility and the medical services of a staff of three full-time doctors.

The location of the clinic also increases the chances of survivability by providing people in a community,
www.ekurd.netwhere vehicular transportation is scarce, access because of the clinic’s central location. Access results in more immediate care, so patients can be stabilized before they are moved to another medical facility, if more specialized care is necessary.

“Most of the trauma cases we see are due to snake and scorpion bites to farmers working the fields,” said the regional tribal leader. “These patients can receive care immediately, lowering their chances of death.”

The long-term potential of this clinic includes a variety of possible development opportunities. Kurdistan regional government officials and CF have already entered into discussions regarding future plans to pave the clinic route to make it more accessible,
www.ekurd.netdrill wells to provide water to the clinic, establish nearby electrical lines for communication, and expand clinic services.

Projects like the opening of this clinic are just one of several planned to promote local participation and demonstrate the government’s commitment to maintaining security while encouraging social and capital development.

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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