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 A Letter By Ms. Zeynab Bayezidi activist of human rights of Iranian Kurdistan

 Source : Student Council of Human rights in Kurdistan 
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A Letter By Ms. Zeynab Bayezidi activist of human rights of Iranian Kurdistan  23.2.2009

Women’s prison is the symbol of Male ideological fanaticism.

February 23, 2009

As a wife of a husband, as a sister of a brother, as a daughter of a father, women are suffering from their slavery status and cry out that are not recognized as a “Woman”. Woman is known as something owned by “men”; as one of his belongings. Woman is embellished and well presented as goods to be sold, sometimes she is hidden, and she is stoned, strangled and thrown away. She is forced to do humiliating jobs, she is treated like a money making machine and her body and soul captivated.                   

Zeynab Bayezidi
She is misled and she has left no choice but to follow the Male made direction. She is the puppet of a deteriorated society ruled by Men and she is used as the guardian of their wealth and strength.

She does not have the right to live and decide for her own. She belongs to others. Governments manufacture their own “Woman”. Capitalist countries adorn and decorate their own fabricated products; above all and one of the best produced ever known as “Woman”. These countries use Churches and Mosques to implement their own policies; their ideal achievement is executing fanatic and degrading ideology of “Male Chauvinism”. In general, they have treated Woman not as a human being but as an obedient sheep, or as an attractive fragile mannequin who is placed in shiny flashy windows to promote their goods and products, and play her role upon customers’ demands; sometimes she is dancing and alluring their fascinated customers and sometimes cover herself under as demanded; last but not least she should be able to be converted into a productive machine whenever needed.

In anyways those governments are terrified of Woman active role and presence in society, they are well aware that when woman is self conscious and recognizes her status in a society, she will be overwhelmed and her wrathful reaction endangers their interest and money, as a matter of fact their plans would be ruined and demolished.

This situation is getting worth in 3rd world countries and the countries which their policy is based upon religious believe.

Dominant cultural rituals result in over looking Women Rights in so called countries; they misuse Religion as a functional tool to execute slavery system upon women.

Iran is one of those countries in which women are denominated in 3 groups:

1st Group: unsuccessful / disobedient women: those are the women who cannot tolerate the situation while they are unable to find the roots of their problems and solve it. They run away to find a better situation but they are running away themselves. Though finally they even never could find themselves. Even though they are looking everywhere to find a method to break these imposed restrictions; they wander everywhere and relate to everyone but they hardly can find any solution for their problems. Consequently due to unhealthy social situation they are swallowed by corrupted environment. Since these women have no definition of what they are and what they are looking for,
www.ekurd.netthey won’t be able to fit into new situation while they are losing their past status. They cannot neither go back to their past status nor they aren’t stimulated enough to gain any achievement. They are disgraced, harassed and hurt and stepped to a path ended in death.

These women in Iran are called corrupted and prostitutes.

2nd Group: suppressing women: they are trained and employed by government in low level jobs. They are paid and hired to suppress mainly the victims of 1st group. Iranian Government calls these women as successful and socially active citizens. However they are hardly able to communicate with others and by a brief review of their childhood, they have experienced very strict religious restrictions in their private lives. More and more they have accepted imposed slavery system as a definite verdict. They hide themselves under Black Chadors (Hejab). They are used as a tool at the hands of authorities, they look like Females but their approach to their society is just like Males.

Unfortunately both 2 above mentioned groups do not have the culture of observing, reading and studying their existing situation and they are not aware of their rights.

But the bitter truth is that both are the victims of dominant Male attitude and thinking. These women are trained to be at Males service and from the early days of childhood, they are brought up to be slaves. Women are facing and fighting each other instead of thinking about their situation and finding their own Ego. They are not united to solve their common crucial social problems and find solutions. Instead they deepen the gap in between and avoid necessary controversial negotiations.

In order to distract Women’s focus on essential social issues, they (governments) create more contradiction and agitation among Women and take advantage of the consequences of their disunity. By implementing this policy, Judiciary officials stabilize more a corrupted society. Covering up these realities worsen the situation but the time is due and reality is revealed; it cannot be covered any more.

Women’s prison is one of the best symbols of this critical situation.

As a wife, a woman is obliged to accept any condition and to continue living with a man who is hurting her mentally, physically and sexually. She even is not entitled to ask for divorce. Hence, if she does not show her hatred to her husband through self torturing or suicide, she will uncover her anger by being cruel to others, and then she commits crimes and murders. Obviously, she will be punished and imprisoned or will be retaliate. She is desperate and in order to escape all these complicated troubles, she tries to run away with another man, neglecting the truth that she is neglecting a severe code of conduct that results in a greater punishment that ends up in her death.

Young girls who are victims of their parent’s fights or under enforcement of strict restrictions leave their homes too. At the very first hours, they will be entrapped by sex traders and sex smugglers and if they are lucky enough, they won’t be murdered. Due to insecurity and frustration of returning home, they will be finally landed in prison too.

There are also women who are either addicted or live with an addicted husband or family members and they cannot afford cost of livings, they are forced by her own husband / brother / brother in law to prostitution, and finally they will be imprisoned too.

In a country, where basic social relations between boys and girls are not allowed in public and youngsters are arrested for pretty long time and are questioned for simple normal relationship,
www.ekurd.netno body feel safe and secure. New generation and young people are not willing to integrate with the society they are living in. They are scared to be arrested again and prefer to stay away any social interaction. In some traditional culture in Iran, families boycott a woman who attends a court room even for retaining her rights. From their point of view, her action cannot be overlooked and she has lost her family/ social pride for good.

But in prisons: victims of above mentioned approaches are exposed in more complicated situation when they are kept in prisons. No matter how normal their behavior and life style is considered as a normal life in democratic countries, they are accused and condemned to jail.

For those victims, suppressive severe restrictions in prisons, court rooms and also harsh and fierce attitudes and treatments mixed with disgrace and abuse (even from the same sex), result in losing their self ego and self defense .Under this situation, one is often so scared and terrified that prefer to stay silent and keep on tolerating any form of abuse instead of complaining and protesting against the cruelty.

A minor mistake and disobey of those Male made rules, lead women into prison; where they are not only morally and mentally assisted but also they are more engaged in unlawful misbehaviors. After a while they are released from prison full of professional wrongdoing experience and complicated emotional complexes.

A normal woman is not aggressive or a savage natured but those misbehaves are simply women’s reactions originated from their physical, financial and mental insecurity, abuse and cruelty that imposed to them through Jurisdiction laws. As a matter of fact they are sacrificed for Male made laws arose from their narrow minded thinking and ideas.

Women’s prison is the symbol of social poverty, unemployment, severe and crucial social problems, disunity between Men and Women, youngster’s problems and critical cruelty prescribed to a society, and to women in special.

But in the same society there are still successful active women who disobey the Male made laws. They are just opposite the first and second categories, they are familiar with their own status and they have a clear understanding of their past and present situation, they recognize their society they are living in. They know prosperity and success won’t be brought up within a Male Chauvinist atmosphere and above all, they have a true knowledge and ability to bring in fundamental changes.

This group of women asks themselves some basic questions such as who they are and what they are, and then they go for answers. They find the solution in coordination between social laws and existing culture and also the interaction between nature and human beings, they worry about the role of human in destruction of nature and concerned for environment pollution. These women are well prepared to react upon those Male Jurisdiction Authorities thinking and plans. Those plans that are professionally designed to assert their wealth, strength and their profits.

These women are compulsory outcome of the above society. These women accompanying their men, shoulder to shoulder move the society forward. They are socially conscious and strongly believe that one cannot succeed to prevent violation of human beings rights (woman on the top of the list) except to protest against injustice and deny any form of destructive dominant ideology. They break any rule that does not comply with Human Rights,
www.ekurd.netno matter of geographical borders and lines, hence they believe that every single law is basically issued for the sake of social and cultural betterment, not to ruin it and block the improvement of social development .

These women organized and launched the greatest change and transformation in Human history. For them it is not surprising to oppose those Male Chauvinist destructive laws and try to replace them with humane productive rules through global movements.

This letter was in Persian language, which was translated to English by Zagros

Copyright, respective author or news agency, parezeran

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