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 Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

 Source : PUK Media | Aswat al-Iraq
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Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief  12.2.2009

February 12, 2009 -  Sulaimaniyah, Erbil-Hewler, Duhok, Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region 'Iraq'

Orphanage, old people’s home opened in Erbil

A social care compound that includes an orphanage and an old people’s home on Thursday was inaugurated in Arbil city.

“The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has dozens of projects, which reflects its concern for children,” the minister of labor, Adnan Mohammed, said in his speech during the opening ceremony that was attended by Aswat al-Iraq.
“Another orphanage will be opened in Sulaimaniyah city next week,” he added.
Meanwhile, the head of the engineers’ corps in the U.S. army in Iraq said that the project reflects cooperation between the regional government and the U.S. side. The project was financed by the U.S. embassy, which paid $3.15 million U.S. dollars for the establishment of a services hall, a swimming pool, an orphanage and an old people’s home in the city of Erbil, according to the U.S. official.

Senior delegation from Kurdistan region to visit Germany soon

A senior delegation from the Kurdistan region headed by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) deputy premier Omar Fatah will arrive in Germany on Feb. the 16th to participate in a conference on rehabilitation and promotion of the Kurdistan region scheduled to be held in the Munich region of, Germany, PUK media correspondent in Germany reported.

The Kurdistan region senior delegation will include the KRG minister for region for finance Baez Talabani , KRG minister for municipalities Nazanin Wsu, head of Kurdistan region investment board , Herish Moharam, head of the Kurdistan region industry and commerce chambers Dara Jalil Khayat. The delegation coincidently with the representative of the PUK in Germany Ahmed Barwary in addition to their participation in the conference, will held several other meetings with German companies to urge them to invest in the Kurdistan region. The KRG deputy premier Omar Fatah is expected to meet with several senior officials of the Munich region.

Turkmen Reform Movement: we would not link ourselves to any side

On Wednesday, head of PUK third organizational center in Erbil Bakir Mustafa Saed met with a delegation from The Turkmen Reform Movement, including head of the movement Abdul Kadir Bazirgan and both politburo members Mohamed Sadadin and Emad Bashar.
In the meeting, Bakir Mustafa stressed the fraternity between Kurds and Turkmen’s in the Kurdistan region and Iraq. He reiterated the PUK’s support to those Turkmen parties that think as a Kurdistani, particularly the Turkmen Reform Movement which has been a cooperator and supporter to the Kurdistan region parliament as well as the Kurdistan regional government since the beginning.
On return, Bazirgan appreciated the efforts of PUK, President Talabani in particular, who has been the defender of rights of the components in Iraq generally and the Kurdistan region particularly.
“We as the Turkmen Reform Movement would not link ourselves to any side. We stress that we are Kurdistani. We hope that all the other Turkmen sides to regard into the Kurdistan region pragmatically, to serve sincerely, and to have their own stances towards any foreign interference into the Kurdistan region affaires since deteriorating conditions in the Kurdistan region will harm all.” Bazirgan said.

Iranian artillery resumes shelling Kurdistan Region border areas in Sidakan

Iranian artillery resumed shelling Kurdistan Region border areas in Sidakan sub-district of Soran district bordering Iran and Turkey and targeting Berkma, Khnera, Lolan, Shamash, Sinin, Rossor Valley, and Asteroka villages, a close source from the area told PUKmedia correspondent on Wednesday Feb. the 11th, 2009, saying the bombing is still ongoing. The source also said that the losses and damages of the bombing are not known yet, adding that the Turkish artillery yesterday bombed Rash Valley, Are Valley and Khwakurk villages as well.

Erbil: Kurdistan Region Youths Federation was announced

On Wednesday February the 11th, 2009 the establishment of the Kurdistan Region Youths Federation was announced to unite all the youth’s organizations and to better deliver their demands to the KRG. The announcement came in a press conference in Chwar Chra hotel in Erbil.
Secretary of the Kurdistan Youths Freedom Organization Hiwa Hamid as well as Secretary of the Democratic Youths Organization in the Iraqi Kurdistan, indicated the significant of this federation, asking other youth organizations to join this federation so that youths can better serve the youths class in the Kurdistan region through one federation without religious ,ethnic, national, political, differences.

Expanding campus project in Zakho begins

Expanding the university campus in Zakho started on Wednesday at a total cost of ID 4 billion allocated from the Kurdish high education ministry’s budget, director of the engineering and buildings affairs in Duhok university said.
“The project to expand the university campus in Zakho district which includes the commerce and education faculties started on Wednesday (Feb. 11),” Engineer Mohamed Taher told Aswat al-Iraq. “The project envisages establishing laboratories and 18 apartments for professors,” he noted.
“The total cost of the project reaches ID 4.295 billion, allocated from the high education ministry’s budget in Kurdistan,” he noted,

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