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 This is not the way to build Kurdistan’s future 

 Source : Mufid Abdulla
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This is not the way to build Kurdistan’s future  6.7.2009 
By Mufid Abdulla - opinion

July 6, 2009

The Kurdish people have been waiting for a robust constitution for the last 18 years; one which can be the foundation for the whole nation and upon which hope and prosperity can be built. The Kurdish Parliament was supposed to have been dissolved from June 2009 due to the election campaign and as a protocol. Contrarily, the Kurdish leaders want to extend the life of Parliament in order to approve the Kurdish constitution and to put that constitution into a referendum on the election day of 25th July 2009.

How can it be possible for the Kurdish masses to vote on such a constitution which has come into their lives just two weeks ago? Inside and outside Kurdistan, people are raising their voices against this declaration. In Sulaimaniyah more than 167 lawyers have issued a statement condemning the way Parliament and Kurdish leaders want to pass this constitution so quickly, without the consent of the people. 174 doctors in the south of Kurdistan declared on the 29th June 2009 that they would abandon and reject the ideas of putting through the constitution in front of Parliament in order to gain their approval. CHAK, the Halabja centre for Anfal and Kurdish genocide, have condemned this process and have emphasised this is not in the benefits of our people in the south of Kurdistan.

Surely, such an important legislation needs time, debate and analysis over considerable time in order to conduct the hopes and desires of our nation? The KDP leadership Massoud Barzani wants that constitution to be passed very quickly, the reason being in light of the secret strategic pact between the KDP and PUK leadership. Could it be possible therefore, that the KDP have got veto on all these decisions? The PUK in Sulaimaniyah and the surrounding area are not doing well according to two local polls. Therefore, the KDP want to pass this constitution very quickly in order to guarantee their future rule and authority in the case of losing the election mandate. In this election the KDP have became partners with the PUK, but the PUK is losing its partner and these actions only emphasise their desperation in the election process.

• The KDP and PUK coalition in this election cannot prevail

It is amazing how many leaders from the two ruling parties in this election are acting in contrast to the rules and regulations of campaigning which have been drafted by The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC). On a daily basis, the opposition parties are lodging so many complaints in respect of the breaching of the rules and regulations by the two parties KDP and PUK. These comprise the following:

1. The PUK and KDP have managed to put their people as staff to work in the polling stations.

2. The two ruling parties are using all the assets, plants and machinery in the local councils for their election campaign purpose.

3. The KDP in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Regional Government, are knocking on each and every household door and asking them who they are voting for.

4. The posters, signs and flyers from all the opposition groups have been taken down from the walls and destroyed by the two ruling parties.

5. The PUK and KDP control all the public places and halls in all the cities and towns of Kurdistan and do not let any opposition parties use these venues for political rallies. At the same time the PUK have used Azadi Park for their political rallies which is organised by Barham Salih.

6. The police and local security apparatus are no longer neutral in this election; the two ruling parties are dominating them.

Finally, the IHEC has fined the Kurdistan List 3 million Iraqi dinar for the reasons above. However, the rules and regulations of the election process are still being breached by KDP and PUK adherents.

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