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 Sulaimaniyah gets first Choueifat International School

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Sulaimaniyah gets first Choueifat International School  30.8.2009   
By Mariwan Faydullah Salihi in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan

August 30, 2009

SULAIMANIYAH, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', (, — In a press release on their official website, the International School of Choueifat (part of the SABIS school network) has announced the opening of their first school in Sulaimaniyah ( Kurdistan Region of Iraq), on the 1st of September, 2009.

The new school will temporarily open at the ‘German Village’ luxurious residential compound, until they finish their permanent buildings.

The first Choueifat School in Iraq opened in 2006, in Erbil. Since then another school in Erbil (Fakhir Mergasori International School) and Duhok (Sardam Primary School) opened under Public Private Partnership – PPP with the SABIS school network. The International School of Choueifat- Sulaimaniyah is the second of its kind in Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Erbil's Choueifat International School compound on the Erbil-Salahaddin Resort Highway. Photo: Mariwan Faydullah Salihi,
Choueifat has schools in most Middle Eastern countries.  It also spreads to Asia, Europe, Africa and North-America. Most students are from elite families. Their schools, where English is the language of teaching, graduated many princes and sheikhs in the Gulf States.

The International School of Choueifat-Lebanon is the mother school of the SABIS group of schools. It was established in the village of Choueifat, Lebanon in 1886 by Tanios Saad and Louisa Procter, an Irish woman who was teaching in the area. It was originally for girls only. In the 1890s Tanios Saad visited England to examine the British educational system. He led the school until his death in 1953.

Mariwan Faydullah Salihi, freelance journalist / journalist trainee at IMCK-Erbil. contributing writer. You may reach the author via email at: mariwan.journalist (at)

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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