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 Kurds in Denmark request fair play in filed charges against ROJ TV 

 Press release
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Kurds in Denmark request fair play in filed charges against ROJ TV  20.10.2010   
By Hassan Shahan, press release received by

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October 20, 2010

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, — Since August 30th, Danish public prosecutors have not only filed charges against the Kurdish television station ROJ TV and Mesopotamia Broadcast A/S METV, but they have also frozen the broadcast company’s bank accounts. By freezing their bank accounts, ROJ TV has been placed in a difficult position to fulfil their duties toward their creditors and consequently cut off from running their business.

As representatives of the Danish-Kurdish society we object to the injustice business interference by Danish prosecutors, based on the fact that the court case against ROJ TV has not even began.                     
Therefore it is our opinion that the Danish prosecution authority has intentionally revoked ROJ TV’s broadcasting license, before the case has even put for trial in the Copenhagen City court,www.ekurd.netas well in line with the confiscation, we believe that the Danish authorities have given up on the long term pressure from the Turkish authorities. In other words ROJ TV has been convicted beforehand.

We would also like to point out that the investigation of ROJ TV in fact only began after the Turkish embassy had raised allegations against ROJ TV in 2005, on accounts that ROJ TV presumably was being financed by organizations listed as terrorist groups by the European Union.

The prosecutors at this current stage have not been able to provide any evidence supporting these charges, however along with the assistance with the police they still went ahead to take a strong hold on ROJ TV’s economy and this leads to a suspicion of an arranged agreement.

It is also a coincidence that the Minister of Justice, Lars Barfoed, only began to support the prosecutor’s request to bring charges against the backers of ROJ TV under Paragraph 114e of the Anti-terrorism Act as a result of a long term one-sided media campaign lead by the Berlingske Tidende newspaper.

The news about the charges against ROJ TV were announced by the prosecutors on the same day as NATO’s general secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen was on an official visit to Denmark. The Danish public were already familiar with Turkey’s reaction to the election of Anders Fogh Rasmussen as Secretary General of NATO and one of Turkey’s requirements for accepting Anders Fogh Rasmussen was the promise to close down ROJ TV.

Furthermore the charges against ROJ TV were still carried out despite TV – and Radio nævnet (board) that had previously reviewed the content of ROJ TV’s programs and whether the broadcasting license should be suspended. However each time the board had proved that ROJ TV had not violated Danish law.

As citizens and organisations in a democratic country we still believe in the right to freedom of thought and speech and that the constitutional state of Denmark will also represent a consensus of almost 30,000 Danish- Kurdish entitled citizens.

Once again we object to the prosecutors’ practices and at the same time we encourage to hold on to one of the valuable basic principles of our society, which its citizens and organisations can only be prosecuted by court of justice and are innocent until proven guilty.

Yours sincerely,

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