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 The US Government Foreign Policy in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria

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The US Government Foreign Policy in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria  25.2.2010   
By Hamma Mirwaisi     

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February 25, 2010

There are many Americans working as diplomat, scholars and advisers in the field of foreign policy. They are the people who formulate the USA foreign policy that the US Government is to follow. Just imagine that the US Government is a cook, who is going to read a cook book to produce his dishes. The President and his administration are going to read what is written and formulated for them by those diplomats, scholars and advisers.

The diplomats, scholars and advisers will join think tanks like the conservative AEI the Liberal IPS and the Center for Strategic and International Studies plus many others as soon as they no longer have Governments jobs. They know how the US government is doing business. The same people in private life turn around and work as a lobbyist for foreign countries.

I am picking one of them here in this article as an example because his work is directly relating to my book "Enemies with the Same DNA" what I want to do in that part of the world. He is very popular with Kurdish youth opposing the Barzani and Talabani administrations in Iraqi Kurdistan and unpopular with Kurdish youth loyal to the Kurdish cause in Turkey. Dr. Michael Rubin is a scholar; his research area is the Middle East, with special focus on Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Kurdish society. He works for AEI and was the lead drafter of the bipartisan policy center's 2008 report on Iran.

I am originally from this region and want to establish an "Economic Union" for the nations of the region. I want to forge a long term relationship between the American people and the people of his area of research. I am an immigrant and US citizen but do not belong to AEI or IPS or other think tanks. I am an ordinary American citizen without leverage except for my knowledge about the region and here I am using my pen to speak out about the welfare of our people in America and in that region because I belong to both of them.

Here I have taken Dr. Michael Rubin and his work as an example showing the readers how the US Government foreign policy works and how it will affect the life of millions of people.

Who is Dr. Michael Rubin?

He is known for articles listed below and in his other works; the Kurd, American and other Iranian people knows what Dr. Michael Rubin's opinions are toward Kurd and the Kurdish leadership, especially in Iraq. They know on the surface what he does to make a living but the Kurd really does not know him very well. They do not know if he is serving Turks of Turkey, Arabs of Iraq, Pars of Iran, Arabs of Syria or others but the Kurd feel that he is the Kurdish people's friend and an ally. He is taking the Kurdish people's side against Barzani and Talabani dictatorship in Iraq and taking the Turkish Government and the side of their military dictatorship against the Kurdish people's interest in Turkey for example.

The Kurd should give him credit for discovering the corruption in Kurdistan of Iraq. The Kurd should know that he is doing research on the area where the majority of the Kurdish people reside according to his statement here and below: "my Research area is the Middle East, with special focus on Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Kurdish society." The Kurds do not understand why he is concentrating on Iraqi Kurds more than other Kurds in Syria, Turkey and Iran.

The Kurdish people have very bad history. They are stateless people for over one thousand years now. They have been used by Kurd and non Kurd through out their history. They are becoming cynical and always asking each other the motive of others who are helping us. They are asking themselves what this person wants from us or what he or she is trying to do to us. Why do we have to listen to his or her opinions? The Kurdish experiences are guiding us Kurds to look at the good and bad carefully. We Kurds are by nature friendly to others in order to have them acknowledge us as Kurds. We Kurds are taught by our Prophet Zoroaster whose religion existed before others with "the Good Thought, Good Words, and Good Deeds." this teaching has had a fundamental effect on our genetics. Our language,
www.ekurd.netour culture and our heritage truly built our being based on those principle foundations. Perhaps that teaching did not help us Kurds and that is why we do not have a country of our own.

Dr. Rubin is working at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). The AEI is a conservative think tank organization. The AEI has great influence on the policy makers of the USA, especially the Republican administrations. Also many of their members are involved in business and working as lobbyist for large corporations and foreign countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The question is how neutral is Dr. Rubin. Is he working for others that Kurds do not know about? Why do the Kurds have to listen and believe every word he or others are saying about Kurdish people and their leadership?

As I said the Kurds have a bad history; many forces pitted them against one another. PM of Turkey openly states to people in the West that Turks know how pit Kurds against each other. Iraqi and Syrian Arabs plus their brethrens Persians of Iran can claim the same thing. The Kurds have this problem because they are a people without state. The Kurdish leaders are not well educated people. They do not have much knowledge of their people before assuming leadership. There are thousands of other reasons for the leaders to not be successful. No one ever came after Median Empire to unite the Kurdish people. They need a great leader like KayXesraw to unite them.

The loss of hope can drive a human to insanity. Repeated failed attempts to achieve certain goals by individuals or nations will bring great frustration and disappointment and can lead to a mental breakdown.

The Airyanem Vaejah nation's failed attempts at liberation from Arab influence and domination are driving the entire nation to insanity, especially the Kurdish nation within the Airyanem Vaejah. They have been trying to gain certain rights from their oppressors for so long it has become a psychological epidemic for the members of this nation; they keep asking:

What are we doing wrong? Is it because of our leaders?  Is it because we are not a united people? Is it because we are a greedy people? Is it because we betray each other to make more money? What is the reason for our failed attempts since the fall of Median Empire, to gain back our dignity and be free from the occupiers of our land? Every nation has ups and downs. Why have the Airyanem Vaejah nations, especially the Kurds, been down for so long?

In conclusions the Kurds should thank people like Dr. Michael Rubin for their service. But they should try to make sure that he or others are really their friends before believing what he writes about the Kurds and their leadership.

I believe personally that a more humane policy by the US government's policy makers will create for the USA people and their Government prosperity and friendship with other nations around the World. For the last 30 years the US Government's policy makers used lobbyists and special interest groups advise which has brought us the US people, disaster for the economy and hatred from people around the World.
I believe helping other nations around the world to form an Economic Union similar to EU of Europe will bring wealth and friendship to American people and the US government around the World.

Center for Strategic and International Studies
Institute for Policy Studies (IPS)
The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI)
The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI) is a Conservative think tank founded in 1943. Its stated mission is "to defend the principles and improve the institutions of American freedom and democratic capitalism—limited government, private enterprise, individual liberty and responsibility, vigilant and effective defense and foreign policies, political accountability, and open debate.

Shake-Up in Kurdish Politics  20.2.2010 By Michael Rubin

Hamma Mirwaisi, is the author of the forthcoming book, "Enemies with the Same DNA". Born in Iraqi, Kurdistan, he is a US citizen; he currently resides in the United States; is an electrical engineer by trade; he spent the early years of his life participating in the struggle for the freedom of Kurd from the tyrannical rule of Saddam Hussein.

Mirwaisi is a regular contributing writer for
. You may reach the author via email at: [email protected]

The views expressed are the author's alone.

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