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 Minorities reserve equal rights in Kurdistan (Part 5)

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Minorities reserve equal rights in Kurdistan (Part 5)  29.3.2010  
By Baqi Barzani, a longtime contributing writer for  

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March 29, 2010

Disgruntlement and efforts of KRG

[8] Yazidi and Shabak political leaders have in past alleged that Peshmerga forces regularly committed abuses against and harassed their communities in Ninewa Province.

[9]The Shabak parliamentarian and the chairman of the Iraqi minority council Mr. Hunain al-Qaddo says that the Shabaks of the Nineveh Plains are under pressure of the Kurdish political parties seeking to "Kurdify" them in a drive to assert wider control over the ethnically divided north.

Some nationalist and radical Turkmen claim that they have been the victims of religious and ethnic discrimination, outright attacks on their villages, gassing and forceful, suppression and in Erbil and severe marginalization in Kirkuk.

Within the three provinces currently under the full administration of KRG, none or very scant evidence of KRG discrimination against religious and ethnic minorities exist. Many International observer groups, non-governmental organizations, Independent Human Rights Commissions have testified to this fact. As for the areas out of KRG control, their assertions are justifiable to some extent and that is chiefly due to the inability of KRG to contain the circumstances.

Efforts of KRG

The Kurdish Regional Government has reiterated it's commitment to safeguarding minority rights and has apportioned even a higher number of seats in Kurdistan parliament for minorities to guarantee their impartial participation. Minority communities are represented both in the parliament and executive branch of the KRG. KRG has ensured appropriate representation to be given to minorities in government services. KRG is paying extreme attention towards their economic and social development. KRG has encouraged and increased the participation of minorities in public services, as well. To protect their culture, language and religion all types of assistance programs are being provided to them.

However, to further improve the status of minorities, KRG needs to launch some serious, various investment programs in areas where the Kurdish minorities constitute the majorities. Every measure should be taken to enhance the living conditions of minorities based on religion and language in disputed areas, as well.

Culture and Education are prerequisite for progress and developments. In a democratic set up, fruits of democracy can not be realized without ensuring the benefit of education and an opportunity for the conservation of culture to each individual including a minority. The right to establish and administer educational institutions is to ensure that religion and language of minorities are preserved,
www.ekurd.netreproduced, regenerated and recreated. It is the liability of KRG and responsibility of fellow-Kurdish citizens to safeguard and ensure the continuity of full protection, prosperity, security and progress of members of minority groups, irrespective of their religious, ethnic, political affiliation.



Baqi Barzani is a Kurdish citizen of Sought Kurdistan [Iraq]. He advocates the notion of " establishing an independent Kurdish state". He contributes to various Kurdish media outlets, especially

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