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 Belgium: Kurdish ROJ TV employee says "It looked like a terrorist attack" 

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Belgium: Kurdish ROJ TV employee says "It looked like a terrorist attack"  12.3.2010  

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March 12, 2010

BRUSSELS, — Kurds are very angry of the police operations against Kurdish organizations like ROJ TV, Kurdish National Congress (KNK) and the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) in Belgium.

On 4 March, masked policemen raided the headquarters of the Kurdish TV-station ROJ TV and other Kurdish organizations. 22 were arrested, but still 8 of them are detained. One of the senior employees of ROJ TV told Rudaw that 'it looked like a terrorist attack'.

Amad Dijleh, ROJ TV managed told Rudaw that he has no doubt the recent successive attacks on them; particularly the one of ROJ TV, came after Turkish- US cooperation against them.                       

Belgian police raid offices of PKK-linked TV station.
Tahir Kamalizada, president of Kurdish National Conference (KNK) claimed that these attacks are organized ahead. “A committee from US parliament recognized Turkish crimes against Armenians on 1915 as genocide which made Turkish very angry. US wanted to do some thing for Turkey in return of that,” stated Kamalizada.


Amad Dijleh expressed his surprise of the police raid on ROJ TV. “They broke many equipments and cables. They cause us around one million euro in losses,” said Dijleh. Dijleh talked about the fact they ROJ TV is broadcasting its programs and shows officially for many years from Belgium, they had to investigate of our work through law. He stated that they will ask for compensation through court.

“Two years ago they tried to occupy northern Kurdistan but they failed, they banned DTP and arrested their members in Turkey. They want to destroy us in Europe now,” said Zana Azadi, a journalist from ROJ TV.

Turkish involvement

In a press conference Belgian federal prosecutor stated that there were some Turkish origins among policemen who participated in the attack. But according to Amad Dijleh those policemen were not only Turkish originally, but they were belonging to Turkey. “Because they had masks on their faces and insulted our friends in Turkish language,” he said.

In a press conference Turkish foreign minister Davutoglu expressed his happiness about the police operations against ROJ TV, but didn’t confirm participation of the Turkish police.

In an exclusive statement for Rudaw, a Belgian federal prosecutor refused participation of any Turkish police in the attack on ROJ TV. “This is entirely a Belgian case and no other countries are involved in it,” said Belgian federal prosecutor. This operation of Belgium,
www.ekurd.netcoincides with other police operations in France and Italy against the PKK. The Belgian federal prosecutor confirmed that. "This is a security process called (EUROJUST), in which all the European countries agreed to cooperate and supervise all these operations”. He also mentioned that they have worked and investigated on this issue since three years ago, and this is not only against PKK.

Belgian federal prosecutor told Rudaw that these police operations happened because of three reasons: "One, because many of Kurdish organizations in Belgium and some other countries are pushing Kurds to work for the PKK, secondly these establishments are taking money from people to help the PKK. And third, they are sending some secret messages to PKK members through Mesopotamia radio".

The aim was not ROJ TV

Belgian federal prosecutor told Rudaw that the main aim was not ROJ TV, “but we had received some information that some secret messages will be send to PKK members about Turkish army bases through Mesopotamia”. But president of KNK, Kamalizadah, denied this. “Why they have taken computers and other equipments of ROJ TV? And most of the people who are arrested, were employees of ROJ TV?"

Belgian federal prosecutor mentioned that only two of Turkish origin policemen had participated in the police raid. He believes that there was not any reason preventing these two Turkish police in their participation in operation. “Because they are Belgian citizens”. He said it was also because there was not a good preparation for the attack.

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