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 Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief

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Kurdistan Region-Iraq News in brief  3.6.2010   

June 3, 2010 -  Sulaimaniyah, Erbil-Hewler, Duhok, Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region 'Iraq'

Former Kurdistan PM Nechirvan Barzani is working on Sulaimaniyah

Hawlati newspaper reveals details of changes in KDP policies. A scheme for changing the organisational policies of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has begun in order to strengthen the KDP in Sulaimaniyah. The move has been initiated by Nechirvan Barzani according to officials. The information attained by Hawlati confirms that the replacement of most KDP Branch Administrators, and the opening of a new branch of the KDP Political Bureau in Sulaimaniyah, all have taken place during Nechirvan Barzani‌s term as the KDP Deputy Leader. The KDP is also planning to change the Administrator of all of Kirkuk Branches, four, twenty, and one in Sulaimaniyah, Germiyan, Chemchemal, Halabja and Khaneqin. An official KDP source told Hawlati, “These plans are to take place in the following week.” The duties of the new branch of the KDP‌s Political Bureau will be to administer the party‌s branches in Sulaimaniyah and its surrounding areas. A high ranking KDP official has confirmed that these changes are a part of Nechirvan Barzani‌s plans for strengthening and preparing the party for the upcoming provincial elections. hawlati info

Saadi Pira: Congress cannot prevent the formation of clusters

Sulaimaniyah: Saadi Ahmed Pira, member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan‌s (PUK) Political Bureau is convinced that the upcoming PUK congress will not be able to prevent or overcome the issues of clustering and division within the party. Mr Pira also believes that there is a need for change in the PUK leadership. In an interview with Hawlati regarding the PUK‌s third congress Saadi Pira said, “There are vertical divisions within the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which starts from right up all the way to the bottom, thus the congress is unable to defeat this issue. Mr Pira also expressed that there is the lack of moral of punishment and reward within the party, and “if such moral was still inexistence, many individuals within the PUK should have been punished. The party has been too soft towards its members.” As a member of the PUK‌s Political Bureau, Saadi Pira cannot deny, after 10 years of delaying the congress, there is an urgent need for change, in leadership, policies, and the very way that the part functions. He also assures that the PUK will not become a “one family‌s” party. Translated by Roza Germian. hawlati info

Mulla criticizes Kurdistan protocol visits

Baghdad: Al Iraqiya List spokesman Haidar Al Mulla affirmed that protocol visits and lunch feasts held in Kurdistan will not change Kurds’ stand towards Al Iraqiya’s constitutional right to form the next government. In an interview with Alsumaria News, Al Mulla noted that rows between Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki, Kurdistan Alliance and Iraqi National Alliance will not be resolved by lunch feasts, he argued. Political parties have been long suffering from these rows due to Al Maliki’s individual decisions in power, he said. Government formation talks with Iraqi National Alliance and Kurdistan Alliance are moving forward, Al Mulla clarified. Al Iraqiya List does not mind or oppose President Jalal Talabani in a second term, he added. alsumaria tv

Australian Kurds protest against Iran

On Monday 31st of May, Australian Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan organised a protest condemning the recent execution of four Kurdish political activists, carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). Tens of Kurdish residents from Sydney travelled to the Australian Capital Territory, to protest in front of the embassy of the IRI in Canberra. The protestors demanded a fair trial and representation for all Kurdish political prisoners in Iran. They also urged the United Nations and the international community to pressure the Islamic Republic to immediately stop the execution of at least 17 other Kurdish political prisoners who are on the death row. The demonstration started with the Kurdish anthem and one minute silence for all those who sacrificed their lives for freedom. The demonstrators shouted slogans in Kurdish, Persian and English. They also presented speeches and poems in those languages. Despite the heat and the anger of the protesters, the demonstration ended in a peaceful manner with the presence of the Australian Federal Police. by Roza Germian. hawlati info
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