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 Poland: Kurdish Professor Finds Cause of Gum disease

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Poland: Kurdish Professor Finds Cause of Gum disease  8.6.2010 
By Ari Usman

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June 8, 2010

WARSAW,— Professor Karim Yassen discovered the enzyme that has been named Karilysin in his honor after six months research in a university in Poland.

Prior to the discovery, scientists had known gum disease or periodontal is a bacterium, but they failed to understand what caused it to develop.

“I still have to investigate what causes the formation of the enzyme, and investigate how the enzyme could be suppressed,” Mr Yassen said.

This discovery is extremely important since there are millions of people affected by this disease around the world.             

Kurdish Professor Karim Yassen Finds Cause of Gum disease
 An estimated 80 percent of American adults currently have some form of the disease, according the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

Mr. Yassen’s discovery has since been published by top world biological journals including the US-based Biological Chemistry Journal and he has been heavily invited by well-known world universities to finish his study.

Dr. Yassen, 34, is a professor teaching at the University of Salahaddin’s College of Biology. In 2005 he went to Jagiellonian University in Poland to study his PhD in bio-technology where the research was carried out.

Dr. Yassen says that there is still much more to be done to finalize the finding. However, due to the lack of an advanced laboratory in Kurdistan, Dr. Yassen doubts that he can work further on his investigation.

Dr. Kamal Mustapha, the Dean of the college of Science at Salahaddin University says that he will import him a more advanced library in which he can develop his study.

Jagiellonia University has already offered Dr Yassen a scholarship to pursue a two-year study of post-PhD,
www.ekurd.netan offer he turned down saying his Iraqi college and students need him in Kurdistan.
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