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 Turkey the NATO members started its political war against Israel

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Turkey the NATO members started its political war against Israel  21.6.2010   
By Hamma Mirwaisi -     

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June 21, 2010

Turkey the NATO members started its political war against Israel, combined with the war of the Kurdish people eliminations

The AKP Islamic Governments of Turkey never want to be part of the EU starting with. They are not peaceful Islamist political party either. They are just pretending to be pro west and want to be part of EU. AKP is not coming to enforce human right in Turkey. AKP want to dismantle the military power in Turkey first and then you can see their true Islamic face. They are for sure more violent than Iran.

The Islamist of Middle East is sharing common goals. Their goal’s are to defeat the USA and Western countries influence for good once for all.

They are not Russian friend either. They are trying to recruit Russian to be used and dumped later on.

NATO member Turkey is united with Iran and Syria in principle to be against the Jewish state. The Arab and the Islamic Governments in the Middle East are using Palestinians cause to unit their own people to follow them.

Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq are sharing common interest. They are against the Kurdish people interest within their own countries.

Kurdish people under the leadership of PKK are true ally of the western democratic system in principle. The Islamist war in the Middle East will push tens of million’s of people out of the region. Europe will be flooded with refugees and EU economy will be declined farther.

PKK are in control of the Economy gateway to EU. Turkey is no longer viable partner of Europe. They are useless for the future of the USA and EU interest in the Middle East. Iranian people are ready to join an “Airyanem (Iranian) Economic Union” without Turks of Turkey as soon as they are liberating themselves from the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). Former Soviet Union countries are not loyal to Turkey at all,
www.ekurd.netbecause they are more Iranian than Turks.

The USA and EU needs to get united to stop Turkey now before it’s too late. They should go ahead to help the Kurdish people freedom under the PKK leadership. The “Iranian Economic Union” is the key for the USA and EU to rescue their own economic interest otherwise the Islamist of Turkey and Iran will hurt the economic interest of the USA and EU for good.

Is Islamist trying to ignite wider wars against Israel? Are they going to be successful or not?

According to the Bible predictions many nations will unit against Jewish nation. The Return of the Medes (Kurds) is one of the Bible predictions. No one knows when this war will happen. The sign is not very good. The low intensity wars are going on now in Zagros Mountains’ against the Kurdish people under the leadership of PKK.

Turkey and Iran declared war on PKK, while accusing foreign countries involvement especially Israel. PKK are denying Turkey’s accusations’. But the war is started few days ago; Turkey and Iran are bombarding the Zagros Mountains regions. The war could spread soon before the withdrawal of the US forces from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Turkey and Iran are under impressions that the US Power is in decline. Both country are predicting that the US forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan and Iraq. They Are Ally of Syria too and they are lining up to work together against other forces in the region. They are already started campaign against Israel politically and restarted the war against the Kurdish people.

They are using Israel as the cause to unit their own people. The Turkish Islamic Governments are leading the effort against former Turkish ally Israel in hope to unit Turkish people. Turkey is united with Iran and Syria. They are accusing Israel of supporting Kurdish people in Iraq directly and then supplying PJAK [The Iranian Party of Free Life of Kurdistan] indirectly. PKK, PJAK and other Kurdish organizations are member of the KCK [Kurdistan Democratic Confederation, which is an alliance of Kurdish groups].

KCK are leading Kurdish people’s defensive forces to fight against Turkey and Iran in Zagros Mountains’.

KCK are controlling the gateway for oil, Gas and other natural resources to be exported from Iran, Iraq and former Soviet Union countries to Europe and USA.

Turkey is angry at Israel; they tried to help Palestinians of Gaza in purpose to confuse the world opinion about its own war against the Kurdish people. Turkey is united with Iran and Syria to punish Israel. They believe that USA power is no longer have any affect in the region.

President Obama’s administrations weakness is the cause for countries like Iran, Turkey and Syria to get united against Israel. They are trying to recruit Russian too.

The war of the Middle East could be out of control. It is started now without any solutions.

President Obama’s administrations are facing many challenges in Iraq, Afghanistan and the entire region.

Please read the book of the “Return of the Medes” to understand Iranian history, language, religion, culture and heritage farther. By reading the book you will understand the conflict and structure of the Iranian societies. One needs to understand the Iranian civilizations to be friend with Kurds and other Iranian people.

The questions are what is the US Government’s plan to protect Israel and Kurds in Middle East?

Hamma Mirwaisi is the author of the book, “RETURN OF THE MEDES”. Born in Iraqi, Kurdistan, he is a US citizen; he currently resides in the United States; is an electrical engineer by trade; and has consulted on multiple projects in the United States, Iraq and Turkey. He can be reached at [email protected], phone: 719-229-0172

Mirwaisi is a regular contributing writer for
The views expressed are the author's alone.

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