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 The conflict of 31 August 1996 in Iraqi Kurdistan

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The conflict of 31 August 1996 in Iraqi Kurdistan  28.8.2010  
By Baqi Barzani -  

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August 28, 2010

Kurdishmedia lately posted an announcement by a group calling themselves “Chatri Azadi” or “The Freedom Umbrella”, urging Kurdish masses to take part in a voluntary protest rally in front of the Iraqi Embassy in London, apparently demanding the litigation of those involved during the PUK-KDP conflict of 1996.

The group claims the event is not espoused by any political party. It demands for a probe to be launched and financial compensation to be sought for the victims of the tragedy.

Despite the false assertions by the group, the disposition of the event itself establishes the fact that it is politically motivated. It specifically targets PUK and KDP, the two major involving parties, with both sides deeply having regretted the incontrollable occurrence.

The public would much appreciate it if “Chatri Azadi “had resorted to similar sincere tactics when the perpetrators of “Anfal, Halabja, and 8,000 Barzanis “were being prosecuted in Baghdad. Most of those criminals Baathists fled to neighboring states and are still at large,
www.ekurd.netas well. Some of them have been reinstated and some hold even higher-status positions in the current Iraqi government than the era of Saddam. Meanwhile, Iraq and Iran, the two major funders and instigators of the conflict, apparently deserve compliments.

These sorts of conspiracies only undermine our struggle at such a critical juncture. They do not serve the interests of the common Kurdish populace and only reveal the scope of unfortunate spite and animosity growing in our community, inflamed by Kurdish political parties against one another. It bears devastating domino effects on our national unity and encourages further discord and anarchy in the society.

While the group reserves the right to express its views, hopefully, some of these collective public demonstrations will also be orchestrated to seek reimbursement for the victims of Iran-Turkey aerial strikes in south Kurdistan.

Unless we hold an independent government and state of our own, we will not be able to refer back to our precedent history, rectify our blunders, delve in to those lessons, and apply them in future.

Since 2003, have we been marking the anniversary of the liberation of some parts of South Kurdistan?

Baqi Barzani is a Kurdish citizen of Sought Kurdistan [Iraq]. He advocates the notion of " establishing an independent Kurdish state". He contributes to various Kurdish media outlets, especially

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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