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 The Anti Jews Policy of Turkey's PM is part of the Islamist Hatred Toward Israel & Jews

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The Anti Jews Policy of Turkey's PM is part of the Islamist Hatred Toward Israel & Jews  27.8.2010   
By Hamma Mirwaisi,     

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August 27, 2010

PM of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a danger man. He is playing with fire in the region. He is not peaceful man and he is not working to join EU either. He is Islamic extremist has been hiding his plan under the broad smile for western powers leaders.

The Islamist political ideologies across the line from Shia’sim Islam to Sunni’sim Islam are anti Jews in principle. The Islamist has many differences among themselves but PM of Turkey is trying to unit all kind of Islamist against Israel. His hatred toward Jews and western countries are very danger games he is playing. Unfortunately the US and EU leadership are blind to see that. PM of Turkey is not an ally of the west at all.

The September-12-2010 referendum is his plan to eliminate the power of Turkish military Generals. It means the end of secularism in Turkey. He is planning to build 150 thousand special forces from Islamic fanatics’ under the name of fighting PKK forces after that. As soon as he has the military under his control then he will get out of NATO and join forces with Iran and Syria to attack Israel.

Listening to PM of Turkey and his assistance President of Turkey one can understand both man have a plan to eliminate Turkeys’ military power. And they are not looking for peace with Kurdish people under the leadership of PKK either. He is not sincere in his negotiations with Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. He just wants Kurdish people vote to win the referendum and then the Kurd will see his true war plan against the Kurdish people. He is already in process to build Islamic Army of Turkey. He is already in bed with Iran and Syria against Israel and Kurd.

It is unfortunate for Kurds to be an ally of extremist Nationalist parties of Turkey in no vote but the Kurd are better to vote no instead of yes to Islamist.

CHP and MHP do not have any members among Kurd anymore but AKP does. AKP PM is using religious feeling to fight Israel. The Ottoman Empire was built by Turk based on religion feeling. The Kurd was a loser in that process. The Kurd fought for Turk and become slave through religious feeling. His 150 thousand Islamic extremist from Kurd and Turk will give him enough power to eliminate regular Turkish military power in short time.

The Islamist is not only against Israel and Kurdish people. They are against the US and EU interest too. He has to be stopped now before it is too late.

The Kurds are better off to stay home and not vote for Islamist or just say no to PM plan. BDP assessment is right on. PM of Turkey is not looking for peace with Kurd and Israel. He is more danger than Iran for sure.

Kurd should let Turk to decide on their own constitutions for now and concentrate on war imposed on them by Iran. Defeating Iran is the key for Kurd and Iranian people’s survival. Iran’s Shi’a Sayyied rulers must be fought by Kurd now. They are standing against the world. It is the best options for Kurd to defend its interest in Iran first and then in Turkey later on.

The international communities are aware of Iran brutalities. Let Turk to fight PM of Turkey for own secular system for now. PM of Turkey is useless for Kurdish people; do not help him to get what he wants. He is more danger for Kurds than nationalist. When Iran is neutralized then asking Kurdish people right in Turkey will be much easier than now.

Israel is aware of Turkey’s PM plan that is why they have conflict with him.

Hamma Mirwaisi is the author of the book, "Return of the Medes". Born in Kurdistan, he is a US citizen and has lived in the US for over 35 years. He currently works as a speaker and business consultant for the Middle East region where he hopes to some day aid in the establishment of an “Economic Union” in the area spanning from Pak to Turkey and from Kurdistan to the former Soviet Union. He can be reached at [email protected] Return of the Medes is available now Buy.

Mirwaisi is a regular contributing writer for

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