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 President Massoud Barzani give up the remain of 44 PKK Martyrs Immediately

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President Massoud Barzani give up the remain of 44 PKK Martyrs Immediately  27.9.2010   
By Hamma Mirwaisi -     

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September 27, 2010

Kurdish Journalist, intellectual and people’s are facing historical responsibility to pressure Massoud Barzani’s for disclosing his crimes against Kurdish people during his unlawful era in Kurdistan before passing away.

Iraqi Kurdistan region President Massoud Barzani is afraid to let media see remain of those 44 PKK guerrilla. They are the Kurdish people’s martyrs he killed them without court of laws when they surrender to him 13 years ago. How long this Barzani Cowboy is going to avoid laws and hide his crimes against humanities. It is against the Geneva conventions Mr. Cowboy to kill prisoner of wars. That is the reason you want to hide your crime from media.                 

Hamma Mirwaisi
The families of martyrs can take you Mr. President Massoud Barzani to court in Europe. You are not above the laws; it is up to Kurdish people to bring you down with your partner in crime Mr. President Talabani of Iraq.

Barzani and Talabani’s crimes against Kurdish people are unlimited in the past and now. They are involved in unlimited crimes against civilian. Both these men are planning to kill or hurt someone always. They are Saddam Hussein of Kurdistan.

Kurdish journalist and Kurdish intellectual should do research and write books not articles about these so called Kurdish leaders and disclose their crimes against humanity especially Kurdish civilian like Journalist Sardasht Osman. Journalist Sardasht Osman was the latest victim added to the Barzani’s family crime’s record.

Barzani are saying verbally that the laws are above everything in Kurdistan. Then it is time for Kurdish nation to use those laws for punishing President Massoud Barzani of Kurdistan and President Jalal Talabani of Iraq with. Prove in court of laws that you both are lawful leaders.

You can bypass the human laws on earth because you are in control of your own private armies and your own secret services made up by America and Israel for you. But you can’t bypass the Court of almighty God the creators when you die soon. The hell is waiting for both of you and those who are working for you and committed so many crimes in Kurdistan for over 50 years by now.

Time is catching up with you Mr. President Massoud Barzani and Mr. President Jalal Talabani. It is modern day you wished to be dead and not face the internet ages.

Kurdish people pen are at work to bring you both down. And you will be arrested by Kurds to face the laws sooner or later then you will understand what laws mean just like Saddam Hussein did.

Yes laws are above everything. Many criminals like both of you avoided laws but some of them faced laws and received punishment for crimes they commit. The Kurdish people are waiting to cheer the laws when you both of you will be sentenced to be hanged for crimes against the humanities.

In conclusions Mr. President Massoud Barzani give up remain of Kurdish nation Martyrs and let the TV crews take pictures so the world will see all your crimes you commit against the humanities. You should be ready to face the laws sooner or later, you can run but you can’t avoid the laws for ever.

Is Masrour Barzani Murdered Journalist Sardasht Osman? By Hamma Mirwaisi 16.9.2010

هاوڵاتی-  په‌كه‌كه‌ هه‌وڵی‌ وه‌رگرتنه‌وه‌ی‌ ئێسك‌و پروسكی‌ گه‌ریلا كوژراوه‌كانی‌ هه‌ولێر ده‌دات 26/9/2010

له‌م لینكه‌دا زانیاری‌ زیاتر ده‌خوێنیته‌وه‌

Hamma Mirwaisi is the author of the book, "Return of the Medes". Born in Kurdistan, he is a US citizen and has lived in the US for over 35 years. He currently works as a speaker and business consultant for the Middle East region where he hopes to some day aid in the establishment of an “Economic Union” in the area spanning from Pak to Turkey and from Kurdistan to the former Soviet Union. He can be reached at [email protected] Return of the Medes is available now Buy.

Mirwaisi is a regular contributing writer for
. The views expressed are the author's alone.

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