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 Turkey with average of 90%plus “Boycott & NO” votes In South East...

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Turkey with average of 90%plus “Boycott & NO” votes In South East...  14.9.2010
By Steve Tataii -

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Turkey with average of 90%plus “Boycott & NO” votes In South East - Central - East (N. Kurdistan) has failed the Referendum [Refer-en-doom ] & must now fully respect the N. Kurdistan people’s Wishes.

September 14, 2010

No Kurd inhabitant of North Kurdistan under occupation by the 1923 manufactured usurper state of “Turkey” would have ever wanted to be a part of the most ridicules and racist “Re-Referendum” of 12 September 2010, because all of its anti-Kurd articles from around 1923 “Turkish” constitution (imposed on over 50 million Kurds) were intact, and secured for the continuation of suppression & Terror against the peace loving Kurdish people, when more than:

80% average in all Kurdish provinces boycotted the diabolic “refer – en – doom”,                    

Steve Tataii is a Kurdish scholar, is the former candidate for the United States Senator.
10-15% average in all Kurdish provinces voted “NO”, and
2 - 3% “Turk only” inhabitants of the said North Kurdistan voted “yes”.

[On the other hand, Turkey's Referendum has failed to produce at least two third of the votes in South East or North Kurdistan with a population of more than 30,000,000, which should clearly be the ground to declare fully autonomous Kurdish South East. This has been the wishes of its said Kurdish inhabitants since 1923.]

It therefore is childish, stupid, vicious, and Un-Democratic, when PM Erdogan proudly announces the 58% “yes”, Because North Kurdistan (South East – Central – East inhabited by over 50,000,000 Kurds, and illegally occupied by “Turk” leftover of the Ottoman Empire manufactured state through the diabolic plot to Separate Kurdistan into 4 parts by its “Now unapologetic” ” Great Britain, France, and other opportunist colonial parasites’ architects in the final meeting of Treaty of Sevres held in Lausanne in 1923, when they shamefully did just that.

The above are now sitting back, smoking their cigars at the comfort of their mansions built with the blood money of the largest country in the world without an independent state since 1923 up to this very day “KURDISTAN”, losing nearly 3.5 million Kurdish civilian lives so far, and laughing it off, because no Free world leader is raising objection to this flawed referendum.

If the Fat cats are now too scared to come forward, and admit to their piracy of oil from Kirkuk, and Basra through the “Royal British Petroleum”, none other than “BP” since 1923; they must at least have the decency to admit their guilt over the mainstream media worldwide, and direct their latest puppet, Mister PM Erdogan to unfreeze his right hand, and Reinstate or properly Re-sign the 1923 peace treaty in another NEW summit in Lausanne with all the current Kurdish Leaders present to sign the document, and straighten the wrong path taken over the past 87 years, this time recognizing the said Kurdish people, Kurdish state, Kurdish Language & Culture.

This can, and will correct Ismat Inonu’s evil deed in disregarding Kurdish rights to their homeland in the said 1923 Summit, and even though 87 years of death & destruction against Kurds have gone by, but it will allow some of their wounds to heal, and get a chance to live in peace, security, and stability enjoyed by all their usurper invading states particularly “Turkey", and the other 3 soon to follow suit under international pressure.

This slow motion change in recognizing Kurdish people’s right to their homeland, language, and culture is obviously a premeditated, carefully planned, cleverly executed, while Kurdistan people’s enemies keep creating more & new obstacles to officially bring back Kirkuk, and all other Kurdish areas disputed by Saddam’s remaining parasites.

The said vultures must make no mistake about it; that the participating political players in this GREED – POWER stricken invasion will only further, and more clearly be known to the World states, and Kurdish Freedom Fighters will be standing by to defend their homeland.

The said political merchants of death in exchange for their greed in even slightly bigger profits will soon be introduced as the STARS of this 21st century style colonialism. The “stars”, which have completely underestimated the power of the people to fight for their homeland in what US, EU, our allies, and world’s independent states must begin to remember from their own struggles for freedom, and independence.

Enough is enough; procrastination in allowing Kurds to be FREE must not continue, and hypocrite politicians must not jeopardize a nation of over 50,000,000 Kurds safety, fighting tooth & nail for 87 years in unfair series of unwanted wars with the old rotten 1920’s FRENZY of Greedy colonial states against Kurdish civilians, their defending freedom fighters, and dedicated leaders, all facing more than 5 usurper countries’ well armed military might attacking them, while Kurdish people lacked, and still do, proper & matching weapons to defend themselves in all those unbalanced military confrontations since 1920.

As a war writer I detest and loath this unethical unmanly fighting tactics. Only a sissy liver coward lazy bum parasite like Great Britain & its accomplices could have pulled these war crimes through, and assist crimes against humanity of giant proportion be unleashed against the brave Kurdish nation. As I wrote before; I could kick your ass in the ring or on the street anytime you mass murderer homosexual stricken capitol of the world “Brit” disturbed political gurus. Why don’t you choose your toughest in 180 pounds class, and Just name a place & time or in Olympics you dummies, and watch me do my thing in the first minute of the first round. Get it? Then tell me how fair you and I are.

US must not turn a blind eye, when Turkey & Iran are openly teamed up in the same Frenzy of the ongoing 87 years, and are stepping up their bombings of Kurdish villages in cooperative efforts, when Turkey is using chemical weapons against Kurdish Defense forces periodically, and while the third remaining Frenzy teamwork, Syria, has been using live ammunition on celebrating Kurdish crowds, imprisoning Kurdish scholars, students, outspoken political activists, and even neutral Kurdish bystanders for simply being a “Kurd”, killing many Kurds in prisons under torture, while its Iranian IRRI have done what no Muslim or non-Muslim would have done to their opponents by hanging innocent political activists or often just being accused of one solely for being Kurds.

This Frenzy, and the brewing Iraq - Baghdad’s anti-Kurd decision making on key issues such as returning Kirkuk, and disputed Kurdish areas to KRG, and replenishing regular share of national budgets to pay wages ON TIME, to help pay for finishing constructions in the North, Peshmarga wages ON TIME, and finally to complete the two simultaneous processes of:

First of all, the financing of the returning of the “1000 dinar Arabs” [Arabs forced, or encouraged by saddam’s regime to participate in the interrupted attempts at ethnic cleansing of Kurdish areas with “Arabs”], from the allocated nearly one billion dollars (or more if needed) in sending them back to their home areas in the South & selected Arab states out of the 22 existing independent Arab states they were shipped from, and secondly assistance to the forced out Kurdish residences of Kirkuk at nearly 600,000 Kurdish families & individuals to return back to Kirkuk, and all other targeted Kurdish inhabited areas.

So far these two phased simultaneous RELOCATIONS have been extremely slow. This is a must; to get on with the business of forming a government in Baghdad alone, but the Relocations must be completed based on battered article 140, or tensions shall rise in disputed territories.

By Steve Tataii, September 14, 2010

Steve Tataii is a Kurdish scholar, current candidate for US Congress in 2010 special election, former candidate for the United States Senate in ‘06, and US House in ’02 (won the election, but denied of his victory through a plot by corrupt inner circle political elements). US House Candidate ’08 (no debate), author of three recent books on the Iraq War related to Kurds and Kurdistan, long-time contributing writer for local and other media, linguist of more than six languages, and an Independent Conflict Resolution Consultant. His Website (soon to be updated) is: 

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved. 
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