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 Habib Atarodi needs to give-up supporting the killers of his expatriates

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Habib Atarodi needs to give-up supporting the killers of his expatriates ‎ 22.1.2011 
By Saeed Kakeyi -

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January 22, 2011

Reading Mr. Habib Atarodi’s, yet again, insulting response to my article written in defense of Dr. Michael Rubin, adds nothing to Kurdish literature and intelligentsia. However, I thank him for degrading the style of my biography to a simple “job resume.” Obviously, each one of us has different worldviews, come from different civic-nationalities and pursue different objectives with fewer redundancies.

To make myself very clear, I have to admit that I was mistaken in responding to him with an academic language. Initially, I thought that I am engaging a person with an understanding of “citizen diplomacy” who appreciates the “cultural consequences” of Collectivism vs. Individualism. However, his personalized insulting response vis-à-vis my usage of “tight-knit emotional intolerance, anarchist and imaginary nationalism” as characteristics of the collectivist culture, which virtually all Middle Eastern societies belong to, made me to believe that aside from his imaginary nationalism, there is nothing in common I could share with him.

In fact, analyzing his denials of others as a form of solidarity with the                               

Saeed Kakeyi
Kurds of Southern Kurdistan [Iraqi Kurdistan] is anarchic and emotionally overcharged due to his isolated singularity and chronic frustrations with the Kurdish political vacuum in Eastern Kurdistan. Although I am disturbed by his traumatic Kurdishness, I still truly believe his people need his pen and struggle more than anybody else.

Mr. Atarodi needs to Leave Dr. Rubin and his Kurdish friends alone. Instead, he is required to strongly stand up for the daily hangings of his expatriate Kurds in Eastern Kurdistan. Once he engages in that, I am confident that he will read and watch Kurdish media outlets and will realize that Saeed Kakeyi has been a member of the Kurdish Writers’ Union since 1982 and that he holds the honour of being among the few directors who helped with the lunching of the MedTV in Belgium in 1994.

Mr. Atarodi’s belated yet abrupt Kurdish awakening with attempts to challenge and discredit Kakeyi had been tested unproductive by Massoud Barzani’s KDP hired pens almost two decades ago. Mr. Atarodi needs to admit that long before Dr. Rubin’s writings on Kurdish affairs, Brarzani and his warlords not only declared the PKK as a “terrorist organization,” but also waged two devastating proxy wars against it; one in 1992-93 and the other one from 1996-97.

In addition, as recently carried widely by media outlets, Mr. Hoshyar Zibari, Massoud Barzani’s uncle and a senior KDP Politburo in the capacity of Iraq’s Minister of External Affairs, has declared the PKK and the PJAK as two “terrorist” organizations. Hence, if Mr. Atarodi is truly a Kurdish patriot,
www.ekurd.nethe should protest and refuse such declarations, especially in the case of the PJAK since the latter is trying to liberate Mr. Atarodi’s homeland from the terrorist rein of the Islamic regime of Iran.

Finally, as Mr. Atarodi is approaching his retirement age, he needs to give-up supporting the killers of his expatriate KDPI Peshmargas in the 1980s; and, he needs to recognize that playing the old tunes of the nepotistic and corrupt Barzani rule in Kurdistan Region is no longer welcomed.

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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