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 Prominent Syrian Kurdish politician Mish'al Tammo shot dead in Qamishli


Prominent Syrian Kurdish politician Mish'al Tammo shot dead in Qamishli  8.10.2011


Mesha’al al-Tammo has been shot dead in Qamishli, in Syrian Kurdistan (Western Kurdistan). Photo: Facebook, Youtube video.
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October 8, 2011

QAMISHLI, Syrian Kurdistan,— Prominent Syrian Kurdish activist and politician Mish'al Tammo has been shot dead on Friday evening in the Kurdish city of Qamishli in western Kurdistan [northeastern Syria].

Activists and residents at Qamishli say that masked gunmen had attacked his residence home in the city and shot him dead before his corps was moved to Faraman private Hospital in al-Qamishli.

They also added that Mr Tammo's son, Marcel, was put at emergency room and is suffering from fatal injuries as he was accompanied his father Mish'al the time gunfire took place. 

Reports said that this is the second attempt to kill the Syrian Kurdish activist Mish'al Tammo.

Syrian HR says "responsibility for the killing lies with the Syrian regime, whether their forces killed him, or he was killed by others – the Government has a duty of care towards its citizens"

Assad's regime is escalating its tactics against the opposition with bold, daylight attacks on its leaders, the US State Department charged.

"This is a clear escalation of regime tactics," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters, referring to reports of Tamo's murder, as well as the beating on Friday of former MP Riad Seif. AFP reported.

France also condemned the Syrian regime's "brutal violence" in its crackdown on the opposition and said it was "shocked" by Tamo's murder.

Tamo, a member of the newly formed Syrian National Council (SNC) opposition grouping, had been released recently after three and a half years in prison.

SNC spokeswoman Basma Kodmani said the regime had "crossed a new stage in the strategy of repression. All opposition leaders must protect themselves".

Another female activists Zahidh Reshkilo was also injured and moved to hospital at the same attack which targeted Tammo house.


Meshal Tammo said earlier "Syrian Kurds are not looking to separate from Syria—though of course the idea of a Kurdistan is a dream,"

It is not clear who was behind the attack. Mr Tammo was a vocal critic of President Bashar al-Assad and had also angered powerful Kurdish parties. No official statement regarding this incident have been published yet; while as activists blame Syrian authorities for it.

Reports added that Kurdish activists and analysts say that in the past three weeks, members of the 11 unofficial Kurdish political parties have met with Kurdish activists from the Local Coordination Committee, an alliance for young protest organizers, plan to name a special committee and hold a conference in Syria within the next few weeks.

Such a Kurdish group would be unrelated to the recently formed Syrian National Council, the country's largest opposition umbrella. While Kurds say they share the opposition's overall goal of a democratic Syria, many Kurds have also expressed frustration at what they see as protesters' Arab agenda, and also say they aspire to greater autonomy within Syria.

Tammo, 53, was one of the Kurdish opposition leaders against the Syrian regime, and is head and spokesman for the Kurdish Future Current Movement in Syria. He was also a member of the executive committee of the newly formed Syrian National Council, a broad front bringing together opposition figures inside and outside the country in an attempt to unite the dispersed dissident movement.

We, at, send our deepest condolences to the family, friends and to his political colleagues in the Kurdish Future Party.

This is distressing evidence of his death:!


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