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 A Revolution Till Final Victory

  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


A Revolution Till Final Victory ‎ 4.12.2011 
By Baqi Barzani -

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December 4, 2011

Crowd the streets of Hawler, Sulaimani, Kirkuk, Mosel, Masif, Duhok, Khaneqin, Zakho and etc. and raise your call in unison for independence for Kurdistan.

How many of us are they going to gun down? How many of us they going murder? To hang, to imprison, to torture, to persecute, to humiliate, to suppress, or silence?

If they attack you, do not response them back. If they curse you, do not nurse a grudge against them. If they affront you, disregard them. If they threaten you, protect them. If they debase you, praise them. If they arrest you, do not resist. If they beat you, do not confront them. If they send to prisons, remain silent. If they starve you to death, cooperate with them. If they kill you, pray for them.           

Kurds demonstrate against KRG, president Massoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani in Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan region of Iraq, March 28, 2011. Photo:
If they resort to violence, you resort to peace and silence. If the entire nation is sacrificed in this noble cause, then be it so for freedom is always more pleasing than confinement. Liberty is always better than enslavement. Transparency is better than ambiguity. And integrity must replace corruption.

You waged lengthy wars against your opponents in mountains with thirst and hunger. You endured poverty, agonies, isolations, destructions and bereavements. You could overpower mighty armies bare-handedly. Hundreds of thousands of us lost their lives in Anfal and Halabaja genocides for such a day . They all did for a reason. Lets not let their sacrifices go in vain.

Pour into the street and demand for a referendum and an independent Kurdish state. Plead for your rights thorough civil disobedience. You can chant your slogans on the streets. You can hold your banners at your workplaces. You can spread your messages at your home on your laptops. You can post your activities on YouTube and Face book. You can put this revolution into motion. Let the world know that the Kurds deserve the right to be independent. Draw the world attention to your sufferings. Let them know that it is time now for the international community to ultimately address the lingering unresolved Kurdish crisis.

We are responsible to determine our own destiny, only and only us, not the US, EU, NATO or world powers. We can do this in concert!

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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