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 KDP's covert role in " Badinan vandalism case

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KDP's covert role in " Badinan vandalism case ‎ 5.12.2011 
By Rezqar Badini -

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December 5, 2011

KDP's camouflaged role in Badinan vandalism case Most political pundits extrapolate that Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP officials conspired to deliberately trigger recent riots in Badinan regions.

With provincial election verging, Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) growing influence had turned into a great source of menace for KDP headship in the districts of Zakho and Duhok in Iraqi Kurdistan region. In a bid to curb KIU alarming expansion, KDP senior leadership cooked up the scheme to further isolate KIU by using the libel and religious extremism card, a slander that KIU officials have overtly refuted.           

The office of the Kurdistan Islamic Union KIU in Duhok after Friday's attacks. Photo: Hawlati
KDP's credibility had been seriously scathed due to its violent clampdown on peaceful demonstrators of Feb.2011 in Sulaimaniyah as well as its typical resorting to excessive force in coping with opposition forces. Another factor for KDP stirring up recent unrests in " Zakho" was trying to divert public opinion from the widespread corruption in government branches. KDP has also been severely criticized by various Human Right bodies for infringement on citizens right to Freedom of Expression.

For almost a decade, KIU had turned a blind eye to the vending of liquor. No cases of religious intolerance were ever reported to law enforcement agencies in territories under its influence.

Timing of the incidence, which was corresponding with US Vice president Joe Biden visit, also raises cynicism and deep speculation.

US today in a rubric titled: Sermonsspark riots in Iraqi Kurdish city, characterizes KDP as a secular-leaning political party in Iraqi Kurdistan. However, what it fails to cite is KDP's militaristic and totalitarian disposition and approach to solving issues.

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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