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 Retort to misinformed Shiakh Mohammed Yasin 

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Retort to misinformed Shiakh Mohammad Yasin ‎ 6.12.2011 
By Omar Sindi -

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December 6, 2011

In response to Mr.Yasin’s malevolent article on December 3rd. It‘s a disingenuous and bias content shows the orchestrated effort nationally and internationally by a well Organized, bunch of anarchist to destroy the Kurdish spirit with its liberation movement and divert the intention from the real issues and concerns. Its nothing more than a ploy to achieve their political ends.

Raising false empathy with Kurdish people; particularly the residents of Zakho City after Friday’s prayer on December 3rd by some emotional Mosque goers breaking laws and out of order norms, by attacking and destroying       
many shops including some liquors licensed Shops. There was police force intervention to restore the law and order; but no fatalities occurred.

Al-Azhar University is a good and well respected Institution; however people like Mr.Yasin try to exploit the School ’s name for his own political agenda and it will erode its reputation. With a retrospect decision accusing authority at the scene. The writer indicate “Kurds in Zakho staged peaceful protests marches but they became the usual target of Government indiscriminate crackdown and beating.”

According to the people that I spoke with that were at the scene, the accusations of the writer are baseless and false. Some people that came out of the Mosque attacked the shops and stores.

During despotic Saddam Hussein era in ruin over Iraq: Saddam and his Baath Party ‘s perpetual destruction of the Kurdistan and the razing of Kurdish villages and towns which has subjected to indiscriminate bombardments; such as the employment of chemical weapons against Kurdish people, which had unforeseen environmental degradations, etc.

Aggressive acts by both Iranian, Turkish forces in cross border attacks shelling and bombing. Did not detect any previous centella evidence of empathy from Shiakh Mohammed Yasin for the support of Kurdish cause. Mr.Yasin ’eschew shows double standard behaviors.

Omar Sindi- United States

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  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author


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