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 US can end Iran's Systematic Execution of Kurdish Political Prisoners

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US can end Iran's Systematic Execution of Kurdish Political Prisoners  5.2.2011
By Steve Tataii -

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February 5, 2011

US alone "should have" started to begin taking appropriate actions just as they did when Kuwait was under assault by "Sagdam", but US does not have to send 500,000 troops to stop a few top MR (mentally retarded) Iranian trigger happy illegally seated to power positions 99% of people there hate and want to remove asap.

There "could have been very effective steps to take" for years, but US has stalled, and has played her usual slow motion politics as they did in case of Afghanistan during the cold war, letting it to bleed in a slaw death for 10 long years before giving them the stinger missiles to stop USSR aggression, and Afghans did so quickly upon receiving the heat seeking missiles.

Each execution of innocent precious Kurd political prisoners is like one Halabja only without using chemical weapons.                    

Steve Tataii is a Kurdish scholar, is the former candidate for the United States Senator.
This may be hard to see in terms of the number of victims killed, but the sac-human despicable lowlife act of hanging those young precious human beings while chained and handcuffed in the Iran's infamous prisons is so heinous, and cruel; that it sends chills down the spine of any normal/God fearing fellow human.

Islam, which is the religion those blood thirsty hypocrite thugs in Iran could have never been a part of has prominently stated; that: "Killing one human being is like killing the entire humanity". You don't have to be a Muslim to believe in this verse, but see the depth of its meaning in a blink of an eye if you are a God fearing human being with the qualities, which differs you from "ANIMALS".

As I've written before: "Islamic Republic Thugs" are way less than animals. Animals would even defend & protect other species' of animals' children, and adults in desperate times, and always give them a fair chance to at least defend themselves without handcuffs or chains on.

If US still wants to stop Iran's current illegal and outlaw regime, then US must directly warn them, and if that doesn't work, then take sporadic special forces strikes against their headquarters, and then we shall see who in Iran dares to kill another innocent Kurd by hanging, shooting, or any other way.

Hope I have helped our friends begin pressuring US, UN, and EU in telling them enough is enough the "Kurds" resent their basic human rights be ignored solely because they are not a recognized UN member state, while our pleadings have fallen on deaf ears.

The Kurds demand action, and demand US Foreign & Defense secretaries stop empowering the Islamic Republic Thugs by doing stupid things such as placing PJAK on terrorist list. We demand PJAK be removed from terrorist list, which has been what tens of millions of American Citizens demanded to do, because we all know US action to label PJAK and PKK as terrorist is clearly against American principles, and against the FREEDOM and Self -determination rights of over 50,000,000 Kurds in a KURDISTAN,
www.ekurd.netwhich they should been supporting its independence rather than playing teamwork with Fascist Turkish regime, Tyrannical Iran's current regime of "Republic of Hanging", and that of Syria's Fascist Assad.

What the hell are we trying to achieve in America with so many stupid OLD Political leaders, whom decisions have been stuck in the past WWI era and COLONIALISM? It is time President OBAMA cut through the chase, and replace all corrupt and insensitive State & Defense Department Heads, and subversive anti Kurd & anti Islam institutions, promoting religious discrimination to keep the bloody wars in the region to profit from excessive military spending.

let's get on with what America believes in, and should stands for based on US constitution, and not greedy corporations to help themselves with callous and pointless wars, ignoring their real victims left behind.

All or any of you may publish or submit this article under my name, and if you have to contact me please call 808 845 5716 or as a a second alternative you may also write to me at: [email protected] using article's name in the subject of the email.

Steve Tataii is a Kurdish scholar, current candidate for US Congress in 2010 special election, former candidate for the United States Senate in ‘06, and US House in ’02 (won the election, but denied of his victory through a plot by corrupt inner circle political elements). US House Candidate ’08 (no debate), author of three recent books on the Iraq War related to Kurds and Kurdistan, long-time contributing writer for local and other media, linguist of more than six languages, and an Independent Conflict Resolution Consultant. His Website (soon to be updated) is: 

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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