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 A Kurdish student killed in protests in Iran

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A Kurdish student killed in protests in Iran  16.2.2011   

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Peaceful Protests End With Two Killed, 150 Arrested, And Dozens Injured

February 16, 2011

, —  According to news published by official organizations, at least two protesters were killed and 150 others were arrested during the 14 February demonstrations. The first protester to lose his life was Sane Jaleh (Sani Zhale), a 26 year old Kurdish student at the Tehran Arts University. The Sunni student, originally from Paveh, Iranian Kurdistan region, received a direct bullet shot which led to his death at the hospital.

The Iranian “civil uniforms” riddled the body of the Kurdish student in Jamalizade Square in Revolution Street.

As usual the Iranian officials placed the blame on the foreigners and stated that Sane Jaleh was killed by the foreign agents.

News outlets close to the Iranian government now claim that Jaleh was a supporter of the Islamic regime and that he was shot by agents provocateurs controlled by various opposition groups. The Islamic regime announced it would organize a funeral procession for Jaleh, from the Arts University of Tehran, where he studied theater, to Tehran University at 9:30 a.m., Wednesday morning.

"He was definitely not a Basij member," said Hatef Soltani, one of Jaleh's friends and former fellow students who agreed to speak on the record by phone,
www.ekurd.netreferring to the pro-regime militia that has employed violence to subdue previous rallies. "He participated in past demonstrations, particularly on Ashura," added Soltani. "He managed to escape harm that day, but this time..."

According to ISNA News Agency, Commander Radan, Deputy Chief of Police, said in his official statement on Tuesday that the call for the 14 February demonstrations had been initiated by the US, the UK, and Israel, who have been in touch with the “heads of sedition.” He also said that police forces were shot during the demonstrations the day before. According to Radan, nine security forces and citizens have been badly injured and 150 people were arrested. Eye witnesses and images captured from Monday’s demonstration,

A Kurdish student Sane Zhale killed in peaceful protests in Iran. Photo:

however, indicate that police forces and the Special Police Force attacked people with batons, sticks, tear gas, and bullets.

Also Mohammad Mokhtari, 22, is allegedly the second protester who lost his life during the Monday's demonstrations. There is no further official information on Mokhtari and the Campaign was unable to verify the accuracy of this information. Unofficial account state that Mohammad Mokhtari received a bullet wound on Monday and died in hospital on Tuesday. Official Iranian news outlets have introduced yesterday’s shooters as members of the MEK and seditionists.

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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