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 KRG condemns violence as Kurdistan President orders investigation

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KRG condemns violence as Kurdistan President orders investigation  18.2.2011  
KRG statement

February 18, 2011

ERBIL-Hewlęr, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — On Thursday February 17, the Kurdistan Democratic Party's (KDP) headquarters in Sulaimaniyah was attacked resulting in one death and several injuries. The incident has been widely condemned in Kurdistan and President Massoud Barzani has called for an investigation and for the perpetrators to be brought to justice.

The attack on the KDP's headquarters was by a group of people who had earlier been part of a peaceful demonstration by several political parties in support of the people of Tunisia and Egypt.

The right to demonstrate is respected in the Kurdistan Region as an integral part of a democratic society. The demonstration had been permitted by the local authorities in Sulaimaniyah and the protesters had peacefully followed a designated route.

Once the demonstration had ended,         

Photo: KRG
some protesters diverted from the agreed route and marched on the KDP's headquarters, throwing stones and firing bullets at the building. The incident resulted in one person being killed and more than 40 being injured, with the injuries ranging from minor to serious. Both civilians and police officers are among those hurt.

Following this incident, unknown assailants attempted to set fire to the office of Gorran (Change party) in Erbil. The Governor of Erbil Newzad Hadi arrived at the scene and with the help of the emergency services and security forces quickly had the situation under control. No incidents have taken place in Dohuk.

On the order of President Barzani, the Kurdistan Regional Government will form a committee to investigate these events so the perpetrators can be brought to justice. He has urged the people of Kurdistan to remain united and to maintain the stability of the region.

The Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Council of Ministers also issued a statement condemning the violence. The KRG reiterates the right to protest is the democratic right of every citizen,
www.ekurd.netbut sees no useful outcome from the use of violence and the disturbance of public peace. Several political parties have also spoken out against the violence.

The KRG and the security agencies have asked everyone to remain calm and to keep the peace. Additional security has been placed at the offices and headquarters of all Kurdistani political parties.


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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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