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 From Iraqi Kurdistan: To all freedom supporters

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From Iraqi Kurdistan: To all freedom supporters ‎ 20.4.2011 

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April 20, 2011

SULAIMANIYAH, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — After 60 days of demonstration in the Kurdistan region which was initially led by young people and university students, people from the different parts of society have joined in the protests to demand change. The main demands include urging the two main parties, PUK and KDP, to address corruption and nepotism in Kurdistan, conduct reform in the political system, stop wasting natural resources, stop using the Kurdish military and security forces to kill civilians. The people have also called on the Kurdish government to stop suppressing and imprisoning journalists and independent writers. The PUK and KDP, however, have not responded to any of these calls. Furthermore, they have used various methods, weapons, and forces to send people home and end the demonstrations, without carrying out any reform. On 18th April, after 60 days of thousands of people demonstrating,www.ekurd.netthe security forces systematically invaded the streets injuring people and putting them in jail. In the past three days they have utilized thousands of militia, especially in Sulaimaniyah, to control and suppress the movement. We are calling on PUK and PDK to respond to the people’s demands for justice. We announce that we hold them responsible for the current crimes committed against the people. We ask the free people all over the world to publicize the current turmoil in this region and to support freedom in Kurdistan.

Signed by:

Metro Centre to Defend Journalists
Civil Society Initiative (CSI)
Asuda for Combating Violence Against Women
Hawlati Newspaper
Awene Press and Publishing
Lvin Magazine
Kurdish Institute for Elections (KIE)
Democracy and Human Right Development Center DHRD
Wadi Organization
Women Law Association (WOLA)
Kurdish Human Rights Watch (KHRW)
CHAK Organization
Youth Activities Development Center (YADK)
Information Exchange Development Center (IEDO)
Kurdistan Social Development Organization (KSDO)
Kurdistan village rehabilitation Association (KVRA)
Rasan Organization

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  Kurd Net does not take credit for and is not responsible for the content of news information on this page


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